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10 Steps to Dig Yourself Out of a Work Rut

10 Steps to Dig Yourself Out of a Work Rut
I was always wishing for time to fast forward when I was working in the financial industry. I would wish the minutes and hours would pass quickly so I could go home. I wished away the weeks looking forward to weekends.

Wishing for the future ends up obscuring the present. When you’re constantly looking to the future, you may struggle to appreciate what’s going on around you right now.

Follow these 10 steps to help you appreciate your life as it is, and empower you to make changes so you no longer feel the need to wish your time away at work.

1. Become aware of your thoughts. Realize that your constant wishing for Friday tells you about how you’re living your life at the moment. What is it telling you?

2. Think about the culture at your workplace. Is everyone wishing that it were Friday? Take notice when you’re being affected by the attitudes of others.

3. Make a list of what you really enjoy about the weekend. Try to think of ways that you can add the fun of the weekend into your weekdays.

4. Dream big: Think about what job would make you jump out of bed Monday morning.

5. Take the tiniest step towards that dream job. For example, if you would like to be a florist then buy a bunch of beautiful roses on the way home from work.

6. Determine where your discontent is coming from. Is part of your unhappiness with work connected to how you care for yourself? Nurture your mind and body during the week for improved well-being.

7. Become more present in the moment and ask, “What is good about the moment?” “What is there to be grateful for?”

8. Evaluate your reasons if you’re telling yourself that you can’t escape from the work you’re doing. Challenge those beliefs. Author Katie Bryon teaches a method of self-inquiry called the “The Work” that can be a helpful guide.

9. Become inspired: Notice that there are people who love the work that they do. Instead of feeling jealous, let this be a lesson and an inspiration. This means that loving work is possible.

10. Imagine: Visualize an ideal day in your enjoyable work life where you no longer feel the need to escape. Take yourself from morning to night on this day and use the senses to fully visualize what this feels and looks like.

You don’t need to resign yourself to always feeling discontent in your job. Just because you hear other people who are dissatisfied with work, doesn’t mean it has to be your norm, too. The secret to finding true joy in your day-to-day is to make the most of your current position and care for yourself while you’re in it. At the same time, take steps every day (however small) to reach forward to your beautiful future.

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