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Let Your Feelings Lead You to Prosperity

Let Your Feelings Lead You to Prosperity
Have you ever watched the movie Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory? Did you love the idea of a special chocolate river flowing through a secret chocolate factory? Or did you love the idea of tasting wonderfully, beautiful creations beyond your wildest imagination? You may have loved the idea of exploring exciting new places and receiving lots of fabulous surprises. And you may also have loved the idea of living a magical life, full of happiness and fun.

How can you create that prosperity in your life?

Your Happiest Life

Your adult version of living your happiest life may be linked to the notion of needing to be financially wealthy and secure, and of being materially comfortable so you can lead your perfect life, doing what you want when you want, without the unwanted pressure of your always having to work to make ends meet.

If you spent time following that dream, you may have found that there were a number of on-off, stop-start moments—moments that felt perfectly right, followed by moments that felt awfully wrong. Those may have felt like the normal ups and downs of life. You may have thought that once you reached a certain point things would settle down—that you’d be content. But that isn’t true; something is missing.

Feel the “Bad”

When you begin practicing the feeling-your-feelings experiment you may notice how much of your life is spent avoiding feeling the present moment. You may want to feel something else, something better, to feel anything but what you are feeling in this moment. Why? Because when you are truly honest with yourself, in this moment you feel bad—the last thing you wanted. But that’s exactly what you need to feel.

When you stop resisting the moment and allow yourself to sit in the discomfort of your feelings, you may notice your heaviness starting to shift. Before you know it, your bad energy lifts. You may begin to feel light and free. And that right about “now,” things start to flow.

Be Open to Your True Self

The longer you continue your experiment, the more the Universe will point you back to the source of your resistance—to every unwanted feeling that you had avoided until now. At times, you may want to blame your pain and suffering on an unkind, unforgiving God, but the evidence will prove otherwise.

A loving and benevolent energy will guide you every step of the way, showing you how to unblock your flow. Feel the exact vibrational source of your resistance, knowing that if you are willing to feel, your energy will integrate and heal. With each new unfolding comes a sense of relief, a feeling of being open to receive, and, best of all, a fresh and genuine excitement to uncover more of your true Self.

When you can open yourself up to the truth of how you feel in any given moment, you open yourself to the power of presence, to the healing power of self-love. You start to experience a sense of spaciousness where there was no space before, an awareness that shows you that you are not your judgment, nor your resistance. You allow yourself to see that every moment is given to you effortlessly, every moment filled with everything you require to return you to your flow—a flow you recognize as your own, full of the joy and freedom of your purest potential.

Receive Your Gifts

Your resistance will start to give way to receiving; your mental grips will turn into gifts. Your familiar moments of on-off, stop-start frustration will become welcome signs to show you when and where you are limiting your willingness to receive and to expand. Learn to trust the magic in the amazing opportunities being dropped in your lap—all the synchronous meetings, exciting connections, fun invitations, and thousands of incredible moments bursting with creativity and beauty.

As your confidence in your experiment grows, so does your happiness—a deep and lasting contentment born from living in the moment. You can feel your truth—the flow of prosperity is already within you. Feeling your feelings sets it free.

Embody the Flow

When you can feel that your prosperity is effortlessly given to you in every moment, you start to embody the Truth that your natural state of being is one of well-being. You recognize and acknowledge that your most authentic operating system is one of relaxed ease and grace, of abundance and flow, and not the false, learned conditioning of resistance and struggle, of lack and limit you have grown used to.

The more you practice your feeling experiment, the more you learn to hold this truth. You learn to lessen the grips of your old patterns of resistance and open your hands to receive all of the goodness, all of the wonder life has to offer you. With experience comes confidence and faith in the knowing that you can be safely carried by the river of abundance that flows within you, and that in every moment, you are worthy of receiving the full magnificence of who you truly are.

Live Magically

You can live a magical life like Charlie did when he discovered the chocolate factory. You hold a golden ticket—the ability to tap into the power of your feelings, and your true well of being that feeds you with unconditional love and prosperity. You must choose this new adventure for yourself, for only you can be the hero of your story.

It’s up to you to discover the flavors of your happiness and your unique life purpose, and to learn to trust that you are always—and in all ways—supported by an intelligent field that knows and honors your heart’s deepest intentions to live your best life.

This feeling way of life is a magical ride. Find out for yourself if it’s your new way to fly!