Hello, I’m
Jennifer Borba von Stauffenberg

Founder and President, Olive Public Relations
Jennifer Borba von Stauffenberg is the founder and president of Olive Public Relations, a national boutique public relations and marketing agency based in Southern California. Jennifer’s mission is to align with the most positively powerful people and brands to amplify their voices and solidify mutually beneficial relationships with the audiences they serve. A true connector with heart, she loves an everyone wins approach and believes that’s possible through authentic, conscious connections. With over 23 years in the business, Jennifer has a reputation for being able to clarify and organize abstract concepts to support people with strategic business development and for her bigger-than-life creativity and ideas that culminate into full-blown marketing strategies. She leads a team of savvy, dynamic public relations professionals who can see her ideas through to delivery. Jennifer has secured media coverage around the world and takes pride in her clients’ wins. Most importantly, she is a mom of two amazing boys and enjoys adventuring with her husband and kids. She is happiest on a boat or in the forest and wishes life could be a musical.