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Full of Love: How the Chopra Health Retreat Helped Me Return to Myself... Twice

Full of Love: How the Chopra Health Retreat Helped Me Return to Myself... Twice
I just completed my second experience attending the Chopra Health Retreat. The first time was back in 2017 in Carlsbad, California and this time it was May 2023 in Carefree, Arizona. I went for very different reasons each time.

The First Experience: Healing Heartbreak

The first time, I was heartbroken after not being able to sustain a healthy pregnancy. I wanted to give up to protect myself, but my yearning for another child was bigger than my fear of being broken.

When I signed up, I didn’t know that I had gifted myself the ultimate healing experience. I had hoped it would help balance whatever was off for my journey to have a second healthy baby, but I didn’t expect it to also mend my broken heart and support me in every area of my life. I remember that I wasn’t even forthcoming about my personal situation… it was all very fresh.

On the third day, I had an Ayurvedic treatment that truly changed my life.I expected my body to feel relaxed and restored, but I was astounded by how deeply and profoundly spiritual the experience turned out to be.

Midway through the treatment, I felt a powerful chill come over my body. As it happened, the therapist intuitively put a blanket over my body and continued to do the treatment. At the end, she held me and I released a deep guttural cry that eventually became a gentle tearful release. She held me and held me.

After the session, she came into the room and asked me if I wanted to talk more about what happened. It was powerful.I could truly feel my body healing and releasing. From that moment on for the rest of the retreat, I felt like I was having a next-level experience. Six months later, I became pregnant with my now four-year-old healthy son.

All of the treatments I experienced were beyond physical. During one treatment, I mentioned that I thought it was really neat that in addition to the massage, they incorporated a vibrating massage table.

There was no vibration in the table.

The frequency of the experience was so high, I could feel it in the space. After netra basti (ghee eye treatment) , I was astounded that I could literally see more clearly with more vibrancy at the end of the session.

I was so moved by my experience that I sent my husband. He is an aerospace engineer and he was so moved by the experience, for months, he considered that he should go through the training program to assist in guiding other people on this journey because he was so amazed by the healing he witnessed in his group. This work is incredible.

The Second Experience: Burnout Recovery

The second time I attended the retreat was more recently. I went because I was feeling super burnt out. I found myself agitated and overwhelmed over just about anything. My Dad passed away last year and I haven’t been able to move out of deep grief. Things seemed to be amplified by a septic backup in our home, causing my family of four (plus a cat and a dog) to live in a one-bedroom apartment for seven months.

Then, it became worse when I broke my ankle. And it goes on and on. All this paired with what it’s like to have young children in this post-pandemic world where their little bodies are trying so hard to catch up on immunity, but they get sick all the time, and being a full-time parent, while running a business. I’m generally a grateful person, but I was no longer finding any of this entertaining, and gratitude was nowhere to be found.

I needed help and I knew I needed something like the Chopra Retreat to get me out of it.The moment I signed up, I could feel my depression lifting into hope. Having had such a powerful experience in the past, it was a short bridge and for that I’m grateful. I wondered what I would receive. How on Earth was it going to help? You see, things are never what you expect. I knew with total certainty that I would get what I needed. I just didn’t know how that would look.

The breakthroughs and gifts started showing up immediately.

On Sunday night upon arrival, I had my first powerful awareness. It was so simple. Unlike the first trip where all my powerful breakthroughs came during treatment, this time they came during yoga, which I find a little funny becauseI always say I don’t really like yoga. I have a correction to that statement. I love Chopra yoga.

I love the kind of yoga that is a balance of bodywork and spirituality.

I love the kind of yoga that opens up your chakras and invites you to flow with the vibration of nature.

The new retreat is in the desert and I can’t help but wonder if the incredible 200-year-old cacti have something to do with why our yoga practice was so powerful. Or maybe it was the sparkling night sky that unveiled the most magnificent sight of the moon I had ever witnessed.

Whatever it was,there was magic in the yoga class and I finally learned how to heal my grieving body.

I have been full of grief and when the yoga instructor said “Tonight’s intention is joyful, light body” I got it.

I had been disconnected with my body.
I needed to reconnect and fill my body with joy.

Filled with Love

A couple of days later, I took that awareness further and realized that I could be filled with love again. I rejoiced with tears, remembering what it felt like to be myself before losing my Dad. I could be filled with love. Instead of grieving him, I could remember what it feels like to love him and to love everyone else, including myself.
I remembered bliss.
A few days after the retreat, my sister sent me some photos of him and me together, and instead of buckling over in debilitating pain, I had tears of joy in my eyes. For the first time, I was happy for him. He is free and he is happy andI am here and I am love.

My heart is mended, and I know that I will still face difficult moments, but for now, I’m rejoicing in gratitude for the Chopra Retreat, the healers, the doctors, the wonderful therapists, and everyone who comes together to make such a special experience happen that truly heals.

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