Spring Meditation: Come Alive This Season

Spring Meditation: Come Alive This Season

Spring has arrived! With the return of the sun, new blooms begin to sprout up all around. The emergence of spring may find you yawning and stretching after a nice, long winter hibernation. Your days may seem brighter, your mood lighter, and a new sense of inspiration may begin to stir within you.

Have you noticed the bubbling up of new ideas? Are your thoughts urging you to get started on an exciting project that’s been on the back burner for way too long? Perhaps you’re feeling the itch to travel or take a short road trip after being cooped up all winter.

Everything in nature operates in accordance with the law of cycles and rhythms. Each new season brings about a flavor of its own and like the changing of the seasons you, too, cycle back around to different themes over the course of a year. Spring is the time of year when newness is buzzing, energy levels are picking back up, and you’re more than ready to get busy!

The 3 Primary Energies

There are three primary energies that are the foundation for everything: creation, transformation, and completion. These energies operate together to illustrate the law of cycles and rhythms. You cannot avoid nature’s cycles, but you can influence your personal experience of them.

Creation Energy

The energy of creation has a ton of momentum behind it. Have you ever noticed that when you have a surge of excitement, passion, or motivation, you feel as though you can take on the world? That’s creation energy. It’s pure, it’s alive, and it’s ready to go!

Transformation Energy

The energy of transformation has a slower, steadier pull associated with it. Anytime you’re “in the process of XXX” — you fill in the blank: a relationship, life, a job, a project, a plan, even a conversation — you’re in transformation energy. Things are moving along at whatever pace is necessary for the process to unfold.

Completion Energy

Completion energy also packs a powerful punch. If you’ve ever achieved a huge goal, you know how amazing it feels as all your hard work culminates and peaks, and then you exhale and take it all in.

These energies are important to understand because you can either work with them or against them. Either way, the energy is flowing. You’ll learn to ride it, or you’ll get tossed like a little grom learning to surf.

Spring Energy

Spring is creation energy. It’s not to say that this is the only time of year that you’ll feel inspired to start something new; however, this is a time of year when you may birth fantastic ideas, gain a huge amount of momentum, and are more inclined to freshen up and get moving. When you feel a surge of ideas, hope, and creativity rise up, you have to jump on that wave and ride it like the superstar champ that you are.

Ayurveda teaches you about the elements, cycles, and rhythms of nature — and it also encourages you to learn how to sync up with the seasons, both internally and externally. You’ve probably also heard it be said that what happens in nature around you is a reflection of your own internal functioning, and that you can learn to adapt to nature’s rhythms to create a beautiful harmony.

One of the best ways to do this is to connect with the energy of spring (what it represents to you and why), meditate on the keywords that come up for you —newness, fresh blooms, passion, excitement, new beginnings — and then get busy doing what has you feeling inspired.

Guided Visualization for Spring

Here is a meditation for spring that you use to feel inspired.

  1. Find a cozy spot to relax. Minimize your distractions by turning off your mobile devices and just begin to breathe, slowly and deeply.
  2. As you settle into your space, notice how your breath connects you to your physical body and any sensations you may be feeling, images in your mind, and thoughts you may have floating by.
  3. Take a few moments to think about the energy of creation and how it aligns with the newness of the spring season. What does this time of year represent to you?
  4. Begin to notice how the energy of spring is stirring within you. What needs freshening up in your life? Is there a new project you’re feeling inspired to start? Now that the sun is out, and the birds are chirping, what has you feeling passionate, excited, and motivated in your life? What are you going to create?
  5. Feel your own energy and become conscious of the sensations in your body as you breathe deeply. What are the words, phrases, or feelings that come up for you?
  6. As you think about the energy of spring and how you’re experiencing it internally, ask your Higher Self or Higher Power that this idea, this project, or this plan you’re beginning be for your highest good, and for the good of all who will be affected by it.
  7. Now, imagine yourself going out into this new season and beginning the thing(s) that bring you the most joy—bringing your thoughts and ideas into your external environment and making them come to life. See yourself cultivating and harnessing the energy of spring, both internally and externally.
  8. When you feel comfortable, slowly open your eyes, take out your journal, and make some notes about what you saw, heard, felt, or experienced during this guided visualization.

This is a good time to design your action plan for what it is you want to create and begin to take the steps toward it. The most important thing to do when you’re riding the energetic high of the spring season is to take action. Energy rises and subside — it ebbs and flows. It’s alive and moving. Your job is to tune into the energy and harness it to create what you want in your life. Where your attention goes, your energy flows so make sure you jump on it and maximize the season.

If nothing specific came to mind for you during the guided visualization in terms of new ideas, plans, or projects, revisit your bucket list or those things you’ve always wanted to do but you put on the back burner because you’ve been too busy. What newness can you create in your life right now? Often times a good spring cleaning, a weeding of the garden, or just getting out in nature to smell the fresh blooms can be enough to get you moving and feeling invigorated.

Spring brings new beginnings. Like an early morning sunrise, each day is a new opportunity for you to create something incredible. And, while you can do this at any time of the year, there’s just something about spring that puts a little pep in our step!

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