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How to Align Yourself With Grace

How to Align Yourself With Grace
So often we work at trying to manifest something in our lives when all we need to do is relax and let things happen. Trying implies effort, yet if what we really want is part of the higher will, then it is already making its way to us and will come in its own time. A more effective way—and easier by far—is to acknowledge the desire, set the intention, and then just let go. Let come what may. This is the way of grace.

Here are some ways you can align yourself with the flow of grace in your life.

  1. Trust the universe. Lift up whatever it is you seek and turn it over to the universe. Whatever is in your best interest is already assured, so release your desire to the universe and let your life flow easily and naturally. When you let the river of life take you where it will, you align yourself with your highest good.
  2. Trust yourself. Walk the high road as you see it. Be faithful to your vision of what that road is like. If something comes along that you aren’t sure about, check in with your body for guidance. If your body isn’t comfortable with what you’re considering, don’t proceed. The body never lies.
  3. Learn to accept what is. Every moment is exactly as it should be, whether it seems like it or not. Letting go of judgment makes it easier to accept what is. This makes it possible to find contentment in each and every moment.
  4. Embrace generosity. Learn to recognize and embrace your own natural generosity and sense of well-being. All your needs have already been prepared. Open your heart to others.
  5. Meditate. Become familiar with the wideness of your spirit through regular meditation. Bring space and expansiveness into your life by letting go of any limiting thoughts and feelings that interfere with the innate joy and happiness of your spirit.
  6. Celebrate grace. Be open to movements of grace in your life. Notice all the little ways it smooths the path for you, all the many ways it blesses you.
  7. Live your life in tandem with the higher will. Follow the cosmic wisdom which is ever seeking to guide you. You are never alone, nor do you walk alone. Bringing your will in line with the higher will allows you to move with grace and peace through each and every day.
What nature wills, nature fulfills. When our desires are aligned with the higher will, then all of our needs are met. Why? Because we have become a conscious channel through which that higher purpose comes into expression. All unfolds naturally and easily, and life becomes magical. This is truly the gift of grace at work in our lives.