On Earth Day, Celebrate Your Extended Body
“The trees are our lungs, the rivers our circulation, the air our breath, and the earth our body” –Deepak ChopraApril 22 is Earth Day. Started in 1970, it began as a day to bring awareness to the intimate connection between the health of our environment and our collective public health. It’s not just an esoteric philosophical idea that we are...
Grounding the Human Body: The Healing Benefits of Earthing
Learn how grounding yourself to the Earth's electrical energy can have substantial healing benefits from the experts at Chopra.
Honoring Our Inherent Connection with the Environment
We are all intrinsically connected to nature. The more we awaken to this truth, the more powerful we become. The same five elements in nature- fire, water, earth, air and space- are the same five elements found within our bodies; in Ayurveda this is known as the Panchamahabuta theory.The Ayurvedic tradition recognizes that there is a delicate balance between these...