Maintaining Well-Being

Meditación Total: Tu Bienestar Bajo una Nueva Luz
El movimiento de bienestar ha estado arraigado durante más de una década. Por incrementos, ciertos aspectos de la vida de las personas han mejorado, mientras que en otros no. Por ejemplo, el consumo de tabaco ha disminuido, pero millones de personas están estresadas. El insomnio, el sobrepeso, la ansiedad y la depresión se mantienen en un nivel alto y preocupante.Los...
3 Kid-Friendly Meditations Your Children Will Love
Teach your kids to love family meditation with these 3 kid-friendly meditations. Our meditation for children is perfect for teaching mindfulness.
4 Advanced Meditation Techniques and Tools to Deepen Your Practice
Expand and improve your practice with these four meditation techniques that can help you deepen your meditation.
Total Meditation: Your Well-Being in a New Light
How to Cultivate Total Meditation: Its basic principle is that the mind wants to be calm, centered, open, alert, present, and free of stress. You cannot change what you aren’t aware of. Awareness brings you back to yourself with calm clarity.
5 Steps to Karmic Cleansing
Follow these five steps to learn how to cleanse your karmic debt, get rid of bad karma, and stop wishing bad karma on those who have hurt you.
How to Rise to the Challenge While Maintaining Your Well-Being During COVID-19
You will be tested throughout your lifetime. Until now, however, most have never experienced a global shutdown. During this time, it’s important to have a better understanding of life itself and stay centered for your mental well-being. Everyone’s COVID-19 experience will be different. You will grieve different losses than those around you—life, time, jobs, income, weddings, birthdays, businesses, and perhaps...