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Where I Work

Where I Work
Our work is an act of worship; and that's why both of my main headquarters embody the principles of healing.

As a child my parents emphasized a few very important principles regarding work. They are summarized in the following aphorisms:

  • Your work is an act of worship.
  • Pursue the goddess of wisdom and the goddess of abundance will pursue you.
  • Pursue excellence, ignore success.
  • Always do your best, but detach from the outcome.
  • The place where you work is an extension of yourself. It is your extended body.
  • The key to the progressive realization of worthy goals is the joy that you derive everyday from the work that you do.
These principles have guided me throughout my life. I began my career as a medical doctor and soon became aware that if you looked only at a person as their body you might sometimes treat the illness, but you never evoke healing from within. My career spontaneously extended first into mind-body healing and then expanded into the realms of spirituality, personal relationships, social interactions, and environment – all as components of the healing process. I started to recognize that the word healing is related to the word holy, and for me, health, healing, and holiness are all strategies for the return to wholeness.

As my career broadened into holistic healing, I began to realize that my workplace should embody the principles that went into healing in its broadest sense. I now have two places where I spend most of my time working when I am not on the road: The Chopra Center for Wellbeing in Carlsbad, California; and Deepak Homebase in New York City.

The Chopra Center: A Hub of Healing, Education, and Research

The Chopra Center is a place where patients see physicians trained in western scientific principles, but where the doctors are also trained in various aspects of mind-body healing and systems biology. We offer courses for the general public on every aspect of healing and also provide courses approved for Continuing Medical Education (CME) for health professionals and physicians. We also conduct research on the efficacies of the treatment modalities that we employ, including the biological markers of brain and body aging. In summary, the Chopra Center is a place for healing, education, and research.

The aesthetics of the building as well as the architectural environment represent sacred space. My office is a place where the wisdom of the ages is wall-to-wall book shelves from philosophers, scientists, cosmologists, physicians, and healers.

Deepak Homebase: A Thought and Idea Laboratory

Deepak Homebase, on the other hand, is more of a laboratory for ideas that can help us in our personal and social transformation. I conduct workshops and dialogues with thought leaders in this space. The aesthetics of this place is more like a thought and idea laboratory. I engage here with luminaries who share my passion for personal and social transformation and for reaching a critical mass of people (100,000 million), so we can move in a direction for a more peaceful, just, sustainable and healthy world. At Deepak Homebase, we film conversations with leading thinkers. We also create podcasts, host occasional radio shows, and do filming for our own YouTube channel, The Chopra Well. Our hope is to reach a wider and wider audience, which we manage to do fairly well. Our goal here is to inspire and motivate people in the areas of self-awareness, self-reflection, transcendence, conscious choice making, and accessing higher consciousness. If we could summarize all of that in one phrase, it would be Love in Action.

The two places that we have created, one for healing, education, and research and the second, for thought leadership and love in action esthetically portray these motifs.

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