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How to Trust Your Flow and Own Your Power

How to Trust Your Flow and Own Your Power
The idea of being in flow is meant to conjure up images of feeling calm and relaxed, of being at peace with the world. It’s meant to make you feel good, to feel better, which is why so many people crave it. Deep down you know that being in flow is the ultimate high. But the truth is, being in your flow is not meant to only make you feel better. It’s meant to make you better at feeling: at feeling all of your feelings. In learning how to get better at feeling, you learn how to tap into your ultimate source of power, your true well of being that is the unlimited source of abundance.

Sit, Be, and Feel

If you want to discover how to be more in your flow, take some time to sit in all the messiness and discomfort of your negative thoughts and feelings. You may initially feel like running, kicking, and screaming away from them, but try to stay with your feelings, to not abandon yourself into your normal patterns of thinking and doing. Validate that what you feel in this present moment is real for you, and acknowledge that there is nothing that you need to think or do in this moment to fix how you feel. Simply sit with your feelings, warts and all.

This is unlikely to be an easy path to follow when you start. Feeling your feelings can be challenging; you may want to give up on more than one occasion, but be willing to stick to it. Ten minutes first thing every morning before you get out of bed and 10 minutes before you go to sleep at night, lie in bed and feel your feelings without judgment. Consistency is key.

Synchronicity Starts

Pretty soon you may notice things in your life start to shift. Without seemingly thinking or doing anything, personal situations that previously troubled you may start to unexpectedly resolve on their own. Business opportunities that seemed out of reach may drop into your lap. Synchronicity after synchronicity may unfold with a new level of speed and precision, and life may begin to flow with more ease and grace.

Be Open to Opportunities

By feeling your feelings, you let go of your need to interfere with the present moment. What you may interpret as unwanted feelings of discomfort and confusion become opportunities to integrate threads of unresolved energy that may keep you feeling stuck and stagnant. The more you practice your experiment, the more deeply rooted you become in your Self, and the more your confidence and contentment will grow.

When you start to take 100 percent responsibility for the quality of your feelings in any given moment, you start to discover the truth that nothing you experience is outside of you. The outside world as you know it is a reflection of your inner state of being, a mirror held up to show you the vibrational patterns you hold within.

So when those feelings of self-abuse begin to creep in—the self-imposed fear of getting it wrong or the false stories you're telling yourself that you aren't good enough—remember to take a step back, learn from these feelings, and come back to your authentic Self. When you choose to fully own your feelings, you choose to take your full power back. To paraphrase English poet William Ernest Henley, you choose to become the captain of your soul, the master of your destiny.

Feel Love, Feel Yourself

Universal love has a powerful way of calling out anything on its path that is 'not love' so it can be seen and felt—all the negative thoughts, all the bad feelings, all the resistance blocking its flow. By being willing to feel all of your feelings, you learn to trust all of your flow, including the natural process of unravelling any unresolved energy that will follow. You may not always understand how this 'magic' process works, but with patience and practice, you will come to feel its truth.

Don’t try to abandon thinking and doing for simply feeling and being. You have responsibilities and obligations you must continue to honor—places to go, people to meet, bills to pay, mouths to feed. But you can experiment by taking a different path, a path less travelled, a path that will lead you back to your power, even if just for a moment or two. Take 10 minutes first thing in the morning and 10 minutes last thing at night to commit to your experiment and sit with your feelings—without judgment. As you do, remember to connect with your breathing—slow, continuous breaths.

Only by being in your feeling experiment will you know if the magic is true for you, too. Listen to your Self and trust your flow. After all, you’ll never know until you try!