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6 Tips to Guide the Decision-Making Process

6 Tips to Guide the Decision-Making Process
Every day people all over the world share several universal experiences, and the most common one of these is choices. Life is a series of decisions we make, and depending on our choice, must live with the result of that decision.

The choices usually consist of a multitude of possibilities and—whether real or imagined—we must recognize that in some way the decision will change our life forever. Therein lies the rub. Because there are so many factors involved with our decision-making and with its unknown result, many of us hesitate to even make a choice, thinking it would be safer and that we’d be better off where we are, instead of delving into the unknown.

Just think of how many events in history would never have occurred if someone did not make the choice to do something different, unknown, unproven, or un-experienced? How many relationships would never have been realized without making a particular choice? Many would say that we have no control over our world or what happens to us. Perhaps you cannot control the world, but you can certainly control how you choose to react to various situations and how you will handle them.

Oh So Many Choices

Depending upon the type of choice it is, (such as a lifestyle decision) if we don’t have a multitude of possible options, we seem to become anxious and confused. So how can you be reassured that you have made the right choice when it affects a major aspect of your life?

We as souls have various destiny points we must live through in this lifetime, which we have designed prior to our incarnation before we ventured back into this three-dimensional world. But with these destiny points firmly implanted in our soul make-up, we also have “free will” and can choose how we will live through the situation at hand. For instance, before making a knee-jerk reaction and judging someone, instead, you can take a moment and attempt to understand why this person is behaving a certain way and you then may choose to react to the situation in a healthier, constructive way and demonstrate some compassion. 

When making a choice, you must be aware of how your choice will affect the future ramifications of your life. Of course there are different types of choices; some are easy to make, while others are more difficult. For instance, an inconsequential choice is easy, such as if you should buy that new piece of clothing. But other choices can affect other peoples’ lives—these can be more difficult. Choices regarding life decisions—such as career, moving, relationship—are very difficult because in many of those cases the response to that choice will be longstanding.

Still feeling hesitant about making a decision? Here are some criteria you can use when faced with your next set of options.

6 Tips for Making Decisions

  1. What is important and valuable to you? What you value may not be of much importance to someone else. Know what you value most, and hold it close to you.
  2. Don’t lose focus of your future. Many people tend to make choices based on life as it appears right now instead of looking to the future. Does your choice and its ramifications stay within the goals that you have set for yourself for the future.
  3. Have you looked at all the alternatives and considered different scenarios? Sometimes you just might consider a different outcome.
  4. Give yourself time to sit and contemplate. Bring yourself into a meditative state, into the stillness of the silence. It is in that silence, where one communicates with their soul’s needs and understandings. Just putting forth the question to your higher self while in meditation can offer a clear indication of what is right for you.
  5. How important is this decision and are you willing to work on it? Don’t get caught up with how important a choice is but, better yet, what a positive impact this has on my your life.
  6. Don’t forget to use your intuition. Allow that gut feeling deep within to guide you.
Always remember that life is a series of choices, and mostly all choices are based on two things: love or fear. Both can masquerade in different ways along your path, but love what you do and do what you love. Make the choices in your life that will make your soul sing and sustain a happy life during your earthly mission.

Just think: the choice you make today could make not only your life happier, but also make a better world in which we all live.