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7 Practices for Manifesting Creativity

7 Practices for Manifesting Creativity
As human beings, creativity is one of the most powerful energies we can tap into. After all, it is a natural part of who we are — which is why those who carve out time for creation often compare the process to meditation. “As we tune into our creativity, we are transpired to that transcendent space, the present moment, and that is where the magic happens,” says Sarah Bick, an artist and therapist who helps people through creative blockages. “Dwelling in the present moment is meditation, and a creative practice can feed the soul in the same way,” she adds.

The Manifestation of it All

While we are all creative beings, sometimes we can use a little help to get the creative juices flowing through the power of manifestation. “Manifesting creativity is a divine process, connecting yourself to the universal energy of creation,” says Bick. “It’s intrinsic to all humans and is the alchemizing of ideas and mental energy into physical, digital, musical, entrepreneurial manifestations,” she adds.

When tuning into our creative power, the only pre-requisite required is a willingness to be a vessel for that creative energy. This is something that comes naturally to children, but with our busy lives and responsibilities, that channel can start to become blocked or unused as adults. “Life experiences, beliefs, and unhelpful programming can lead many of us to believe that we are not creative and not ‘good at it, but this is not the case at all,’” says Bick. “We all have access to the same limitless source of creative energy, ideas, and inspiration, and can unblock those channels.”

How to Manifest Creativity

“There are dozens of studies showing how creativity improves mood and creates happier, healthier people — it is essential to our well-being,” says Bick. “Even a short creative activity a day can help increase life satisfaction and focus, lower stress levels, and could even help you work through traumas and personal challenges,” she adds, noting how the process of creating is deeply cathartic.

Here are some ways to open yourself up to receive an abundance of creative energy.

1. Consider when you feel most creative

Being intentional with your creativity is one way to manifest creativity and Bick says you can do this by thinking about the setting, time, and place where you feel most creative and have your best ideas. “Pin down the conditions that help your ideas flow and create that space for yourself more often,” she explains.

2. Let go of perfection

“Forgetting being ‘good,’” says Bick. She explains that being good or achieving perfection is not for you to decide. “It is an irrelevant judgement that starts setting in around 10-11 years old when adolescents become more embodied in left brain critical thinking,” she explains.

3. Find the time

For some of us, the thing that holds us back from creativity is our time management, as it’s not always something we prioritize along with our other needs and the needs of others. To manifest creativity, Bick says to consider where you spend your time in order to become more conscious of ways to create more time for creative endeavors. “See if there is anything you can cut out to make time for a creative date with yourself regularly each week,” she explains. It helps to schedule this creative date into your calendar, too.

4. Reduce distractions

“During creative times, take it seriously,” says Bick. “Turn off notifications and set an intention for the time,” she adds.

5. Journal

Writing in a journal is another way to spark creative inspiration. But, Bick says it doesn’t have to be beautiful bullet journaling or neat handwriting — it can be “gritty, boring, stream of consciousness on the page,” she explains, adding that your only job is to fill the page. “It will help train you to pour out what you’re thinking in the moment, bringing it from thought to action to physical reality with less and less judgement,” says Bick. “This is the training ground for creative flow free of self-judgment.” In addition to journaling, it’s also a good idea to always have a notebook or sketchpad on hand for when ideas hit the hardest.

6. Make it a ritual

Another way to manifest creativity is by getting in the zone and creating a ritual for yourself. “Most artists swear by their rituals, and the power of belief and mantras could help you get in the zone quickly,” Bick explains.

7. Turn on your right brain

“Neuroscience is moving forward from the simpler theory of left and right brain attributes, but there are lots of exercises you can try to activate the creatively inclined pathways,” says Bick. Some examples include left nostril breathing or drawing with the opposite hand.

You don’t have to sit around and wait for the inspiration (or time) to spark creativity. With certain practices, you can manifest your creativity, whenever, wherever. And, the best part is, the more you do it, the more creative you will feel on a regular basis. In addition to these practices, Bick says one thing you can do every day to invite more creative energy into your life is to daydream. “Creatively visualizing what you’d like to be doing, daydream in detail how it will feel doing it, picture where you’ll be,” she explains, adding that making it real in the mind with “lead you into actions in reality.”

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