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Aligning Your Life with Infinite Abundance

Aligning Your Life with Infinite Abundance
When we think of the word abundance, we often think of material accumulation or “how much” we have. The way society frames abundance is almost always connected to material wealth which can leave us constantly reaching for more. If we get caught up in this mindset it leads us to believe that we are not inherently enough. Through constantly searching outside of ourselves, seeking validation for our enough-ness, our vision becomes clouded. We can’t see clearly that there’s a natural flow of abundance around and within us if we are stuck in a scarcity mindset.

Awakening to the ever-present flow of abundance allows us to see the infinite potential and possibilities that exist at every moment of every day. When we take the time to tune in and become aware of the natural flow of abundance, we settle into a practice that allows us to move away from scarcity and become rooted deeply in the awareness that everything flowing through us and around us is already vibrating with abundance.

Gratitude Paves the Way for the Natural Flow of Abundance

Nature is abundant, in all ways. We see it in the way the sun rises each day, nourishing all life on this Earth. And in the falling of rain that is absorbed by the roots of trees, plants, and flowers, allowing them to reach towards the sky. There is a reciprocity in every relationship in nature that allows all beings to be provided for in the ways that they need it; this reciprocity is rooted in abundance.

Each of us exists as an extension of nature, which means that abundance is an inherent truth of our existence; it’s our most natural state. There is no need to look outside of ourselves for abundance because it’s at the very core of who we are. If I find myself out of alignment and forgetting my connection with the ever-existing flow of abundance, I try to ground myself in gratitude. Practicing gratitude helps me to be present with the abundance that is already showing up in my life, and it allows me to be receptive to continue inviting in the natural flow of abundance in my heart. When we ground ourselves in presence, we see abundance already showing up for us in infinite and expansive ways.

Try it now:

Find a piece of paper and a pen. Write down 5 things that you are grateful for in this present moment. If you’d like to deepen the practice further, write down why you are grateful for each of these things. View each thing you are grateful for as an expression of abundance already showing up for you in your life.

Releasing Scarcity and Returning to Abundance

Cultivating a connection with infinite abundance will always be a practice. Our minds can easily become full of all that we think we need based on the messages we receive from external sources. Reaching outside of ourselves to fulfil desires leaves us in scarcity and clouds our ability to connect with the flow of abundance. When we are in flow, we are intimately connected with the magic of the cosmos and all abundance moving through us. Creativity, genius, and inexhaustible inspirations all come from being in the state flow.

Through my personal practice, I’ve learned that when I give my all to life, life gives me it’s all in return—and sometimes even more. I understand that if I want something extraordinary to happen in my life, I must be willing to give and offer the extraordinary to life.

The practices we engage with—from gratitude journaling, to meditation, affirmations, and anything else that resonates—remind us of the unchangeable, inherent truth that we are always provided for. This is our return to abundance and the connection with our highest self. Here, we remember that there are no voids, within us or within the universe; we are always enough.

Remaining in Service

The journey of cultivating abundance guides us towards deep connection with ourselves, our communities, and all the environments we interact with. Embracing abundance is not an independent practice that separates us from anyone or anything, it is a practice that creates union. Just like the reciprocity in nature, the ways in which we give and receive create the flow of abundance in our lives.

Whenever I start any new endeavor, I begin by asking myself “how I can serve in my greatest capacity.” I know that when I seek to give and serve in my greatest capacity, I expand my mind beyond any current limitations and I’m able to explore new ways to be of service to myself as well as the communities I relate to.

The natural flow of abundance is always present within us. There is no need to search outside of ourselves to find it because it is the truth of who we are. Remaining in service to ourselves, our communities, and our environments free’s us from limitation and allows us to reimagine what is possible through the lens of infinite abundance.

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