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Do You Need a Life Coach?

Do You Need a Life Coach?
Life doesn’t always play out as perfectly as you may like it to. Sometimes you may lose yourself in the daily stress and demands of life and, before you know it, weeks, months, or even years have passed without you taking a stock in yourself and where you are in life.

You may have found yourself sitting at work feeling like your efforts don’t seem to make any significant impact or contribution. You may work yourself to the ground to try and get a task done, but in the end, feel no satisfaction. Or maybe you realize that your daily routine of rushing breakfast, sitting in traffic, and working late has kept you from getting exercise, spending time with your kids, or meeting up with your friends for social events. Or, when you do make time for relationships, they may feel flat and dull.

It may not hit you until the day you realize that even a postcard-perfect setting, like a rainbow after a storm or the innocent and playful laughter of your child, on your daily drive triggers no response, not even a spark of joy. Something like that warrants at least a small smile.

It’s moments like this that you need to take time for some deep self-reflection and take the actions required to make the changes that you need for rebalancing your life.

How a Life Coach Can Help

If you find yourself in a scenario similar to that mentioned above or just have a strong sense of being stuck or not being able to move forward with your life, it may be time to think about getting a life coach. I’ve been there, and can tell you that having a life coach can really help.

So, what is a life coach? It’s not just a “coach” in the most basic sense. A life coach can be a mentor, friend, accountability partner—someone who will be there for you through your most challenging times, guide you through and help you to see things differently, refine your approach, and achieve your dreams.

Do you need a life coach? Many people think that they don’t need help and that they can do everything by themselves. The truth is that it always helps to have support, especially the support of an experienced professional who can help you get to where you want to be. Life coaches can help you figure out what you want to do with your life, find your purpose or dharma, and more importantly, help you figure out how to do go about making a plan toward conquering your goals. You may be set in your ways, and unless you have an unbiased person to point things out to you, you may fail to notice the things that are setting you back.

Keep in mind that a life coach is not a therapist, and it may be beneficial to see both, depending on your needs and what feels like a good fit for you. You may be skeptical and may even be thinking that you don’t need a life coach. Or maybe you are thinking that a life coach would only be good if you had a very specific goal in mind so that they could provide the right type of support and accountability. But don’t worry, that’s not the case. A successful life coach can help you relearn your motivations and understand what your drivers are in life.

If you are still asking yourself, should I get a life coach, here are seven ways to know if you could benefit from their experience and support.

1. You Want Your Life to Feel Different

You may know that you want things in your life to change but don’t have immediate clarity on how you want them to change. This lack of clarity can create a paralyzing mental loop that keeps you stuck, leaving you taking no action for months—or even years—while you hope your dreams eventually come into focus.

To get out of the paralyzing mental loop, you could start taking action to uncover your desires and make changes toward your dreams, but a good coach can help you get to where you want to be faster. By asking good questions, and really listening to your answers, your coach can help you uncover what makes you tick and help you envision a life that is more fulfilling. In this way, a good coach can help you discover the ways in which you want your life to feel different.

2. Your Time and Energy Are Running Low

Sometimes being an adult feels like struggling against a never-ending to-do list of repetitive tasks. Your parents expect you at their house for dinner. The dog expects two walks a day. Your kids need to be fed, clothed, and dropped off at school. If you really think about how much you cram in one day, it’s no wonder you may feel drained. With only so many hours in the day, time for doing self-care, having fun, and pursuing passion projects can often get left by the wayside.

If this sounds like you, you may need a life coach. They can help you prioritize yourself and fit some fun into your already full life. They can also help you analyze and optimize the areas in your life to improve your efficiency.

3. You’ve Just Been Through, or are Contemplating, a Significant Life Change

Times of transition can stir things up, making you question existing routines. Whether it’s moving to a new location, starting a new job, ending a long-term relationship, or shifting your sense of self, change can be tough to navigate through. However, change also can be a catalyst to reconsider old patterns, reevaluate your path, and consciously move into greater alignment with who you are today.

A life coach can help you identify and create the life you want, while helping you manage the expected and the unexpected hurdles during a time of transition. As your professional coach, they will also be your advocate, rooting for you and believing in you every step of the way.

4. You’re Tired of Not Meeting the Goals You Set for Yourself

Whether you want to start a blog, learn Italian, or lose 10 pounds, it can be frustrating to mark yet another passing year without the achievement of your desires. It can be easy to get sidetracked from trying to achieve your goals whether it be due to lack of time, confidence, money, motivation, etc.

If you find yourself resetting the same goal every new year, it may be time to call in some support. Sometimes a little cheerleading from a life coach and having them keep track of the promises you’ve made to yourself can make all the difference.

5. You Desire a Relationship that Is Entirely Focused on Your Needs and Wants

Your boss, your partner, your children, your extended family, and your pets all need something from you. It is great to feel needed and wanted but it also feels good to have someone focus on you.

Your coaching relationship is different. It’s all about you—your desires, your thoughts, your life. Refreshing, isn’t it? It’s good and healthy to regularly turn some attention inward and fill your own personal cup. It’s your life after all—live it!

6. You Need Someone to Give You Insight Into Yourself

Oftentimes when you are stuck, it’s difficult to see the potential for a different future. Thoughts such as, “This is just the way it is,” or “I’m not good enough to do that,” or “I don’t have enough time,” are as rampant as they paralyzing. They can keep you stuck and hold you back from your true potential.

Your coach does not see your limitations like you do. They can hold the potential for your greatness and personal growth. And when you’re down, holding the light for what can be can make a tremendous difference.

7. You Are Doubting Yourself and Need Support

Much of the time you may know what you want deep down inside, but the world around you can cloud your judgment and cast self-doubt. Self-doubt can be paralyzing and keep you from living the life you want.

If you are doubting yourself, a life coach can work with you to help develop your self-confidence skills. They can work with you on self-assertion and support you as you take risks that make your life better. They can encourage you as you pursue your dreams, and you’ll walk away with healthy mental habits, happiness, and a newfound confidence.