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5 Foods and Herbs for Radiant Skin
Contrary to what the billion-dollar skin care industry would have you believe, the health of your skin actually starts on the inside. And while spa days and facials are a wonderful way to treat yourself, you don't need to be spending hundreds (or thousands) of dollars on your skincare routine.

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Pitta Balancing Beverages to Help You Feel Cool and Refreshed

What we eat and drink seasonally can have a profound effect on our bodies, either aggravating or pacifying our Doshas. During the summer, it’s imperative that we prioritize consuming foods and beverages with cooling qualities to soothe any excess heat accumulated from the summer season. We all love a refreshing summer beverage, and it’s important that we choose one that is equally balancing as it is delicious. Here are a few of our favorite Pitta Balancing Beverages to sip all summer long.

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Good Energy Eats: 9 High Vibrational Foods to Add to Your Plate in Winter

If you’re looking for a way to increase your energy and vitality this cold weather season, look no further than high vibrational foods. Everything on Earth has a vibration because it is made up of energy. However, when we say high vibrational foods, we mean “foods that are closest to their natural form and carry the energy of the Earth and the Sun,” explains Serena Poon, a celebrity chef, certified nutritionist, and Reiki Master. With that in mind, Poon adds that “plants are the closest thing to pure energy that humans can consume” and “the more plants you eat, the more you can feel your vibration lift.”

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