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Gabrielle Marchese

Writer, yoga and meditation teacher, guide

Gabrielle Marchese is a writer, yoga instructor, meditation teacher, PSYCH-K facilitator and Ayurvedic wellness educator whose mission is to empower people to feel their best and access their full potential.

Gabrielle believes that with the right tools, we are all capable of feeling amazing and living a life that we love. She has found deep solace and healing through meditation, embodied movement, holistic wellness and subconscious work and offers mentorship and one on one support for those looking to step into a new way of being.

She has been a long time contributor for Yoga Journal and has written for , Bennd Yoga, and various other wellness sites.

When not writing, you can find Gabrielle in the ocean, road tripping, connecting with nature, creating and exploring her community.

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Yogi practicing Warrior III at sunset

A Yoga Practice to Kick Off the New Year

Our bodies hold the stories and experiences of our past. Clearing stagnation and creating space in the body is essential for fostering mental clarity and the freedom to welcome new stories, experiences, and ways of thinking. Entering a new year is a powerful time to create intention around what we would like to create for the year ahead. It’s important to have both clarity on our desires and the space to receive what we are calling in.

Gabrielle Marchese