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How to Keep Your Peace During Uncertain Times

How to Keep Your Peace During Uncertain Times
Our outside circumstances will shift and change throughout our entire lives. Our relationships, work, living situations, and health will inevitably evolve in ways outside of our control. You will likely experience periods when life feels challenging and overwhelming, but cultivating a strong sense of equanimity and connection to self allows you to navigate the ups and downs of life and inevitably return to a state of peace.

When you have a deep connection to your center, peace becomes your default, so no matter what life throws at you and the spectrum of emotions you experience, there is a calm undercurrent you can always return to. So how do you keep centered when your outside circumstances are unstable and uncertain? Having an intentional set of practices and time in the day that you dedicate to grounding and nurturing your peace allows us to embody this state quickly and easily. Of course, there will be times when accessing peace feels challenging, but through intentionally connecting to ourselves, we can learn to ride our emotional waves with the trust that they will pass. We have compiled some powerful ways to feel centered and at peace no matter your outside circumstances.

Find Stability in Routine

In Ayurveda, dinacharya is the Sanskrit term for daily routine. Having a daily routine is highly revered in the Ayurvedic tradition and supports optimal wellness and nourishment. Routine is also incredibly grounding and can support our peace when navigating uncertainty. Start small by identifying a practice or ritual that makes you feel good and connected to yourself, and do it the same every day. If it feels manageable, create a morning or evening routine consisting of a practice or two that makes you feel nourished, such as sipping tea, oil pulling, a walk outside, or journaling. Creating a solid routine helps us feel stable and supported and adds structure to our days, which can be wildly helpful when our outside circumstances change.

Connect with Your Body

Our body holds profound innate wisdom and is the home of our intuition. Many of us spend far more time living in our heads than our bodies, using the thinking mind to navigate our lives instead of feeling and being present. Intentionally connecting with our bodies can help us create mental calm and clarity, allowing us to live in the present moment.

Connecting with your body can be done in any means that makes you feel completely present, focusing on physical sensation more than mental chatter. Mindful movement is a powerful way to connect with the body. Slow walks outside, gentle yoga, pilates, and qigong are beautiful options to nourish and connect with our physical form. The breath is also an excellent way to connect with the body. Meditating on the sensation of the breath can help bring our minds into the present. Abhyanga or an Ayurvedic warm oil massage can help soothe the mind and direct our awareness to the sensations in the body. Warm sesame oil and massage your body in downward strokes for around 15 minutes, starting at the feet and working your way up. Take the time to feel the sensations that the massage is creating in your body.

Spend Time in Silence

When our outside circumstances shift and change, life can feel noisy and overwhelming. Eliminating the outside world's noise and retreating in silence can allow us to connect to our intuition and higher knowing. Create intentional daily moments of silence where you can relax, breathe, and connect. This silence could be through structured meditation practice, spending time in nature, or through prayer and communication with the universe or a higher power for guidance. Find a time and a place where you can sit and allow everything to settle and soothe the mind and body.

Create a Sacred Space

Our physical space can either be a catalyst for our peace and healing or further create chaos in our minds and bodies. Clutter, disarray, or chaotic environments can create unease in the mind and body without us even noticing. During uncertain times, it is essential that we feel as though we have a safe space to retreat to, somewhere that feels cozy and nourishing to support us. Focus on making your space feel more sacred. This could be your entire home or just a room in your home that you want to dedicate. Clear the clutter, take the time to clean, buy some flowers or a plant to make your space visually appealing. Set up candles and create a setting that looks beautiful to you and incorporates soothing smells and warmth. Take small steps to make your space one that feels safe for you while you navigate the shifts and changes you are undergoing.

We have a current of peace, love, and vitality running at all times; it’s just a matter of clearing the mind enough to access that space. Taking intentional moments out of our day to practice coming home to ourselves can help us begin to live life connected to our center and less impacted by the world around us.

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