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How to Implement New and Healthy Routines and Rituals

How to Implement New and Healthy Routines and Rituals

Incorporating a new routine into our days can feel daunting at first. We may be struck with inspiration to build a healthier life and set unrealistic goals to try to get there overnight. Building routines and rituals that nourish us, our goals, and our desires does take time and consistency, but it doesn’t need to feel difficult. If you’ve been trying to stick to new habits and enhance your daily routine, here are some ways to make it an easier and more enjoyable process.

Start Small

Biting off more than you can chew is a surefire way to feel overwhelmed and ready to give up when trying to incorporate a new habit into your life. Start with one goal, and start small. If you want to prioritize calming your nervous system, choose one ritual, like meditation, and start with a few minutes a day. Continue until that feels easy to you, then add on in length or incorporate another goal like yoga or pranayama into the mix when you feel ready to. Small goals built over time create a sustainable foundation for long-term success, don’t try to do it all overnight.

Be Gentle With Yourself

There may be days that you don’t check everything off the to-do list. It’s important that we show ourselves love and grace as we strive to fill our days with more purpose and meaningful practices. Do the best you can and celebrate small wins that get you one step closer to your goals. Use this as an opportunity to practice showing yourself the love and compassion you would with a small child who is trying something new for the first time. Foster patience and an attitude of loving kindness as you focus on your growth.

Choose Something You Enjoy

If you find yourself dreading the rituals you have set in place for yourself or that they feel impossible to stick to– it may be time to rethink if you are doing something because it serves you, or because you think you should. Self-growth doesn’t always have to involve doing things we don’t enjoy. Lightness and joy are important aspects of self-care, and choosing healthy habits and rituals that we find fun and look forward to is an important part of our journey. If meditating at a certain time doesn’t work for you, try another. If workout classes don’t work for you, try moving outside. If journaling in the morning isn’t your thing, try painting. Find things that better your mind, body, and soul that you actually enjoy and look forward to.

If you’re in the process of taking steps to build a healthier and more fulfilled sense of self, show yourself appreciation and grace along the way. Remember that self-care and the pursuit of better well-being can be a light and enjoyable experience, and so can your daily rituals.

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