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How to Evolve Your Career to Be in Line with Your Purpose
Humans seem to have an innate desire to know why we are here. We search for meaning almost as naturally as we breathe. Sense of purpose at work, specifically, is more important than ever, as burnout is sharply on the rise. In fact, scientists have proven that sense of purpose is a key feature of resiliency.
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Personal Growth

El Juego, el Niño Interior y Tú

Poder jugar hace felices a los niños, pero crecer cambia esto y no para mejor. Los niños juegan, pero los adultos trabajan. Esa es la opinión predominante, como lo ha sido durante siglos, así que veamos a dónde se fue la diversión de la vida y por qué necesita regresar. Lo ideal, de hecho, es llenar de juego toda tu vida, incluida tu vida espiritual.

Deepak Chopra™, M.D.
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Personal Growth

Add More Zest to Your Relationships

Relationships are a profound source of joy, support, and engagement in most people’s lives. Yet, over time, connections may fall prey to the monotony of familiar routines, busy schedules, and fixed mindsets, thus, losing their ability to bolster happiness. The good news is that with a little attention and intention, any relationship can be reinvigorated! Whether you are looking to add zest to a friendship, marriage, or family tie, the following tips will help bring vitality and enthusiasm to the forefront.

Erin Easterly
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Personal Growth

DIY Wind Chimes

We could all benefit from a little more peace in our lives. And, one way to invite more calming energy into your home is through sound, particularly the relaxing sound of wind chimes. Much like attending a sound bath, listening to wind chimes can have a soothing effect on the mind, helping to lower stress levels and feelings of anxiety as well as improve mood. On top of inviting peace and relaxation into your space, wind chimes are also believed to attract positive energy and ward off back luck.

Jessie Quinn
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Personal Growth

Adopt the Practice of Writing Morning Pages to Boost Creativity

In a culture that has commodified the fruits of creativity to the degree that ours has, it can be easy for us to feel cut off from our inherent creative energy if we are not producing something tangible. In reality, creativity is not a special stream that only some of us can tap into and enjoy. By the very virtue of being alive and human, we have the ability and power to create. In our everyday choices - from preparing a meal to planning our weekend activities - we engage with our imagination and, in the process, we shape and build our lives. This is creativity in its most essential form. You do not have to identify as an artist to enjoy this power.

Natalli Amato
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Personal Growth

7 Practices for Manifesting Creativity

As human beings, creativity is one of the most powerful energies we can tap into. After all, it is a natural part of who we are — which is why those who carve out time for creation often compare the process to meditation. “As we tune into our creativity, we are transpired to that transcendent space, the present moment, and that is where the magic happens,” says Sarah Bick, an artist and therapist who helps people through creative blockages. “Dwelling in the present moment is meditation, and a creative practice can feed the soul in the same way,” she adds.

Jessie Quinn
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Personal Growth

The Play of Creation

On the surface, the world may appear to have many challenges and it’s easy to get distracted or even overwhelmed by them. However, whenever we allow ourselves to play, we slip beyond everyday limitations and into a realm of infinite possibilities, joy and love. Play should be an essential part of everyone’s life, because the real reason that we’re here is to play. Let’s go back in time. Actually, let’s go back to before time, before space, before everything.

Roger Gabriel
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Personal Growth

Honor Your Process: How to Find Acceptance Where You Are Now

We can’t always control the circumstances of our lives, but we can control how we react to them. The way we respond to what’s going on in our day-to-day can have a considerable impact on how we manage, shift, and move through difficult situations. Meeting your present reality with acceptance is a powerful practice. Acceptance doesn’t mean that you succumb and fall victim to your circumstances. It means that you shift the energy you bring into a situation, which can be influential in helping you to find peace wherever you are and navigate hardship with ease.

Gabrielle Marchese
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Personal Growth

Explore Your Creative Spirit

When we’re growing up, we are full of wonderment because every experience we have is something brand new to us. We are always in the space of discovering something for the very first time. As we grow up in the world and settle into adulthood, we tend to fall into various routines and structures that limit our ability to freely explore. The wonder we once had as children begins to dissolve, and we trade in our creative, unrestricted play for regimented structure.

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Personal Growth

Play, the Inner Child, and You

Being allowed to play makes children happy, but growing up changes this and not for the better. Children play, but adults work. That’s the prevailing view, as it has been for centuries, so let’s see where the playfulness of life went and why it needs to come back. The ideal, in fact, is to infuse your whole life with play, including your spiritual life.

Deepak Chopra™, M.D.
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Personal Growth

Spiritual Luminaries: Ram Dass

Although he may never have thought of himself as such, Ram Dass was a spiritual giant. A trained psychologist, author, teacher, and counterculture icon, Ram Dass was a driving force behind the evolution of spirituality in the West. Known for his pursuit of a wide array of spiritual practices and teachings, he led the way for countless seekers to find and explore their spiritual path.

Adam Brady