Isolation period at home.
The Immeasurable Value of Meditation for Coping During the COVID-19 Crisis
The world seems to be changing on an hourly basis. While you adjust to our new reality, focus on yourself and make time to meditate.
Woman doing yoga inside a room

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Shot of a group of young men and women meditating in the lotus position during a yoga session

You Can Do This: Why Meditation Is for Everyone

Possibly the most persistent myths regarding meditation are that it’s difficult, it involves struggle or laser-like focus, or that it is reserved for a privileged few who possess the mental or genetic makeup necessary to settle the mind. However, none of these beliefs are true. Popular culture has done meditation practice somewhat of a disservice by often making it appear unreachable, other-worldly, loaded with philosophical or mystical trappings, or veiled in secrecy. Fortunately, the deeper understandings of mind-body wellness and the demystification of the world’s wisdom traditions have helped to blow the dust off the outdated views of meditation that kept it out of reach of the general public.

Adam Brady