Woman meditating outdoors
Finding the Gaps of Silence
I have been listening to different guided meditations for several years and focusing on breathwork. I have always enjoyed it, looked forward to the quiet time to turn off my mind, and recently decided it was time to enhance my practice by enrolling in the Chopra Meditation Enrichment Program.

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Atraviésalo: Una Meditación Para Superar Obstáculos

Seamos realistas, los obstáculos son parte de la vida y ninguno de nosotros tiene el manual de cómo superarlos. Por muy ideal que parezca, esquivar obstáculos no es posible; aunque puedes aprender a trabajar con la energía que los crea y superar la noción de que de alguna manera estás a su merced. Primero, identifiquemos qué son los obstáculos, por qué es importante superarlos y dónde pueden hacer que te tropieces.

Tris Thorp
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Navigating Mental Health During Season Changes

As we come up on nearly 20 months of existing with a global pandemic, the holiday season approaching, and demands of everyday work and life persisting, navigating mental health can feel impossible. All of us are low on capacity, the reality is we all need more than any one of us can give. Because of these fluctuations in capacity, building a network and finding supportive practices might look a lot different this season than they have in the past.

Daniel Sannito (they/them)
Woman practicing outdoor meditation

4 Consejos Para Mejorar Tu Práctica de Meditación

La meditación, quizás alguna vez radical, ahora es prácticamente convencional. Personas de todo el mundo practican la meditación para calmar la mente y desestresar el cuerpo. Un estudio de investigación nacional de 2012 informó que el 8 por ciento de los adultos estadounidenses, 18 millones de personas, usaban la meditación. La popularidad y accesibilidad de la meditación sigue aumentando.

Julie Hunt
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Teaching Meditation vs. Leading Meditation: Understanding the Difference

Over the last decade, meditation and mindfulness practices have taken the well-being world by storm. In countless research studies, meditation has been proven to be a profound tool to help enhance physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. As a result, the wellness community has been quick to capitalize on meditation’s appeal and make mindfulness and meditation offerings a part of their services. From fitness centers to yoga studios, hospitals, spas, martial arts schools, HR departments, recovery clinics, public and private schools, law enforcement units, branches of the military, and collegiate sports facilities, meditation has become a familiar component in the curriculum. In addition, a wide variety of meditation apps can be downloaded to your mobile device for use on the go.

Adam Brady