Young woman meditating at park
A Meditation for Enhanced Creativity
Not many of us are tapped into our creative potential all of the time, but wouldn’t it be nice if we could access it more often? Creativity is innate to our being, but it can feel difficult to move beyond the noise of the mind enough to tap into this place on a regular basis. Meditation provides us the chance to step into the seat of the witness and calm down our mental chatter– making it easier to access this creative nature.
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Young woman relaxing at home on the sofa

5 razones por las que deberías meditar por la mañana

¿Qué pasaría si pudieras tomar una píldora mágica cada mañana que reduciría tu estrés, disminuiría tu ansiedad, aumentaría tu capacidad de concentración y mejoraría tu memoria? También te ayudaría a ser más consciente de ti mismo, más paciente con las personas en tu vida e incluso te ayudaría a vivir una vida más larga, saludable y feliz. Tampoco habría efectos secundarios, no tendrías que ir a ningún lado para obtenerlo y es 100 por ciento gratis. ¿La tomarías?

Karson McGinley
Person sitting in meditation on sofa at home

How to Manifest Your Intentions With Reiki

Manifestation is all about calling something into your life through your energetic actions. And, Reiki is all about tapping into universal life force energy and channeling those vibrations for your highest good — or the highest good of others. Because both practices are energetic by nature, they are a great combination for not only setting intentions but bringing those intentions to fruition.

Jessie Quinn
Relaxed young man laying on ground and listening to music on autumn day.

How to Use Visualization to Create the Life You Desire

At the beginning of a new year, many of us think about what we wish for our future. Sometimes we feel excited by the possibilities, and other times we feel overwhelmed or unclear about what we want. When we feel unclear, often it is because we think we cannot have what we hope for or we have been conditioned to think we should want something else that is more “sensible” or more aligned with what others expect.

Heidi Spear
New Year's Intention Candle | Photo by Jessie Quinn

How to Create a New Year’s Intention Candle

In many ways, New Year’s resolutions are ritualistic. They invite us to get grounded and go inward to ask ourselves what it is we want to call into our lives, plus what healthy habits or practices we might use to do so. With 2022 right around the corner, many of us might be experiencing a more reflective state of mind and gearing up to set some intentions for what’s to come in the new year. No matter what you wish to call in, intention candles can help amplify the energy of your New Year’s intentions.

Jessie Quinn