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Dosha Dreaming: Intention Setting According to Your Dosha
It’s that time again, when we are collectively dreaming about a new year and all the fascinating possibilities it could bring. Intention setting around the start of a year is a powerful tradition that actually dates back to ancient Babylon (~2000 BC). In those days intentions were most likely about pleasing the Gods. Presently, there is still a spiritual thread woven through many people’s intentions. With so many challenging things happening in our world, it’s helpful to feel connected to something sacred.
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Ask Dr. Sheila: Ayurvedic Stages of Life and Menopause

Every month, Dr. Sheila, Chopra’s Chief Medical Officer will be answering questions from our followers. If you have a general question for her around health and wellness, please send us an email to askdrsheila@chopra.com, and your question may be the one she answers next month. This month, Dr. Sheila answers a question about the seasons of life and how they connect with Ayurveda and the doshas.

Dr. Sheila Patel