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Heidi Spear

Meditation teacher, author, and podcast host

Heidi Spear, MA, is an author, workshop presenter, podcast host, and Kripalu-trained yoga and meditation teacher on Kripalu faculty since 2008.

Heidi leads meditation programs online and across the country, including for Fortune 500 companies, The UltraWellness Center founded by Dr. Mark Hyman, and past programs led by best-selling authors Elizabeth Gilbert and Cheryl Strayed.

Her latest books published by Simon & Schuster are My Pocket Chakra Healing and Ayurveda Made Easy; she has been featured online on Chopra.com, Yoga Journal, MindBodyGreen, The UltraWellness Center, and other sites; and her popular meditation CD, Universe, is available for download anywhere you purchase music.

She holds master’s degrees in comparative literature and performing arts from New York University and Washington University in St. Louis, and she has supported the country’s top wellness centers as a writer in their marketing departments.

When not teaching or writing, Heidi enjoys cozy tea breaks and catching up with loved ones. For more information, including additional free resources, visit www.heidispear.com.


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Personal Growth

Journaling for Inspiration and Joy in the New Year

In the first months of the year, we tend to reflect on the past and create wishes and intentions for the new year. Now is the perfect time to journal as a way of engaging in conversation with yourself. Whether you need to vent, ask questions, or explore a complicated situation, there’s nothing quite like sitting down with a journal, a pencil or pen, and a few moments to yourself each day. Over the years there’s been so much public interest in journaling that it’s been scientifically researched and proven to increase our ability to cope with anxiety, focus on important tasks, improve our mood, and so much more.

Heidi Spear
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Personal Growth

Crear Calma en la Tormenta: Usar la Rutina Para Priorizar lo que Más Importa

Es común en esta época del año sentirse atraído en demasiadas direcciones, ansiando estabilidad en medio del caos. El fin de año es una época en la que apegarse a una rutina puede ayudarnos a sentirnos más arraigados, presentes a las alegrías de la vida y plenamente vivos. Las rutinas y los horarios son antídotos contra los efectos de las cualidades aireadas de Vata que dominan esta temporada.

Heidi Spear
Happy young woman sitting in yoga position

Five Practices to Amplify the Benefits of Autumn

During this time of year, the effects of fewer hours of sunlight begin to affect our mind and body. This can be a positive experience. The darker months create conditions for much-needed restorative time, and our circadian rhythm adapts to prepare us for winding down earlier in the evening. When we align our lifestyle with the pace of the world around us, each season shows us its gifts, and we feel nourished and balanced.

Heidi Spear
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Mind-Body Health

Natural Ways to Boost Immunity, Balance Vata, and Lean into the Joys of Autumn

Welcome autumn when school begins, the number of evening hours increase, and vata dosha characterizes the new season. September marks the perfect time to reinstate routine into our lives, as we walk in autumn air that cools our cheeks. For some, the idea of routine might sound restrictive. In reality, routines help balance vata dosha, leading to a sense of being grounded, nourished, and supported. Cherishing the differences of each season and altering our self-care routines accordingly paves the way for smooth and joyful transitions allowing us to appreciate all that nature offers.

Heidi Spear