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Emily Ziedman

Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor, Science Writer, Certified Nutritionist

Emily is an Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor, Science Writer, and Certified Nutritionist with her Master's in Nutrition Research. She’s been involved in the holistic health field for over ten years, studying mind-body practices and bridging the connection between ancient medicine and modern research.

As a practitioner and educator, Emily empowers people to tap into their innate wisdom, uncovering their individual path to mind-body wellness. As a freelance writer, Emily works with health and wellness companies to create meaningful content that leverages the latest research in the fields of nutrition, Ayurveda, meditation, and the mind-body connection.

Emily's commitment to empowering others was born from her own struggles with anxiety, food, body image, and knowing her place in the world. Upon finding Ayurvedic medicine and its beautiful mind-body practices, Emily finally came home to herself. It is now her passion to share the knowledge she has gained through her years as a practitioner, researcher, and perfectly "imperfect" human, to lead others on their healing journey.

To learn more about Emily and her offerings visit www.emilyziedman.com .


Happy woman enjoying the sunlight with her eyes closed surrounded by palm trees

Harnessing the Power of Om for Inner Peace

For most people in the West, chanting "Om" is a practice that's typically reserved for the beginning or the end of a yoga class. As this chant fills the classroom with beautiful resonance, you may notice a subtle shift in your state of mind. For many people, chanting Om brings about a sense of peace and relaxation, moving you from "worries and to-do's" to a state of inner calm and groundedness – but what's happening inside your body that creates this shift?

Emily Ziedman