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Dear friend,

I hope that this email finds you feeling balanced, centered, healthy – and happy. Here at the Chopra Center we are excited about the launch of our Workplace Wellbeing program, founded on the principle of wholeness. As the world’s great wisdom traditions teach, wholeness is our natural state of balance, harmony, and wellbeing. When we’re living in wholeness, we feel vibrant and awake. We’re in the “flow” and creative solutions and new possibilities spontaneously emerge into our awareness. We’re able to accomplish more with less effort because instead of feeling limited or fearful, we know ourselves to be boundless and connected to an infinite source of ideas and insights.

The Genesis of Workplace Wellbeing

In the past few years, an increasing number of business leaders and executives have intuitively begun to understand the value of wholeness in our personal and professional lives. Many have come to the Chopra Center seeking group wellness programs that will help their companies and organizations foster a culture of total wellbeing and authentic success, while addressing three of the greatest challenges in the workplace:

  1. High healthcare costs
  2. Disengaged employees
  3. Low productivity
As a senior scientist at the Gallup Organization, I have seen the data showing how wellbeing correlates with economics, and there are huge implications of how one’s wellbeing affects the bottom line of a company. To cite just one Gallup study, employees with thriving levels of overall wellbeing have 41% lower healthcare costs than those with only moderate levels of wellbeing and 62% lower costs than those with low levels of wellbeing. Furthermore, people with thriving wellbeing have a 35% lower turnover rate than those with low levels of wellbeing.

Other research shows that approximately 15% of the work force in the United States is “actively disengaged.” These are unhappy, stressed out people who go to work each day and make it their business to make other people unhappy. The cost of actively disengaged workers in the American work force is about $350 billion a year. There are another 57% of people who are not actively disengaged, but are disengaged, which means they’re just punching the clock, only “getting through the day” without achieving anywhere near their true potential and, sadly, experiencing little of the fulfillment that comes from contributing and being part of an inspiring collective enterprise. That leaves only about 28% of workers who are actively engaged. This is clearly an enormous loss of human potential and a major obstacle to optimal company performance.

A Holistic Solution

We developed the Chopra Center Workplace Wellbeing™ program to meet the growing demand for practical tools that create tangible benefits for helping companies and business that want to have the most engaged, healthy, and dynamic employees.

For the first time ever, groups of all sizes will have the chance to participate in individually tailored programs that inspire creativity and maximize wellbeing. Blending the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, meditation, and yoga with the newest research in management, psychology, business, and science, the new multifaceted curriculum is offered in the following six categories:

  • Simple Techniques for Stress Management – Experience greater clarity, balance, and overall wellbeing with simple mindfulness practices.
  • De-Stress at Your Desk – Chair yoga teachings invigorate the body and clear a busy mind.
  • Tools for Work-Life Balance – Learn your unique mind-body type, easily identify your responses to stress, and make conscious choices to restore balance.
  • Inspired Leadership – Unleash your team’s potential for creativity, organizing power, unity, and collaboration.
  • Purposeful Communication – Improve skills for relationship building and conflict resolution at work and home.
  • Nutrition: Food as Medicine – Discover how simple, mindful eating habits affect health, energy, and balance.
Chopra Center Workplace Wellbeing programs are offered in the world-class setting of La Costa Resort & Spa or can be brought directly to your workplace environment. Every program is led by a team of master Chopra Center−certified educators with many decades of success in the corporate world and in mentoring individuals and businesses ranging from Fortune 500 companies to innovative start-ups.

Setting your Intentions for What You Really Want

As you’ve no doubt explored during your participation at a Chopra Center event, the fulfillment of all of our dreams depends upon intention and attention. Once people have an intention to experience total wellbeing and focus on participating in a healthy, balanced lifestyle, exercising, spending time in nature, meditating, practicing yoga, eating well, and using the tools of conscious communication, they suddenly feel quite good. Wellbeing is actually addictive, but it’s a healthy addiction that benefits individuals, companies, the community, and the world.

The world and economy is facing challenging times, but if we stay focused on our deepest intentions, use our unique talents to serve others and ourselves, and take steps every day to cultivate mind-body balance, we will naturally find ourselves evolving to ever greater levels of health, happiness, abundance. Workplace Wellbeing is a resource to help you, your employees and your colleagues thrive in your work and every other aspect of your life. I invite you to learn at or by calling your Program Consultant.

With love and gratitude,
Deepak Chopra