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Superheroes as Archetypes: How They Shape Your Child’s Future

Superheroes as Archetypes: How They Shape Your Child’s Future
Kids love superheroes. Ever since Superman made his first appearance in comic books in 1938, kids have embraced the idea of super-human power. A child’s adoration of superheroes often borders on obsession and can seem a bit crazy. On top of that, it’s expensive and can dominate your child's time and conversations. You see, kids don’t just look up to superheroes; they want to be them.


Yes, they’re entertaining, fun to imitate, and they always save the day. But that’s not why kids admire them so much. The affection goes much deeper. Your child is zooming in on their archetype, and often times they’ll have more than one. In fact, there’s a large possibility that you as a parent are also an archetype for your child.

Your child links with his heroes on a vibrational level, subconsciously bringing into his life a power to admire—someone he aspires to be like—and he starts to incorporate the qualities of the superhero into his own lives. To a child, a superhero is the best of the best … and completely realistic.

Babies come into the world believing they can do, believe, achieve, and conquer greatness. But all around there are multiple levels of doubt, disappointment, and judgment. This comes from parents, teachers, coaches, television, media, and peers. With all the negatives in the world, these superheroes are much more than a spark of hope in your child's eye. Your kids are literally pulling the superhero energy into their very being. This energy will build them up and help them to accomplish greatness throughout their childhood. Some kids will even carry it on through their adult life. How far they’re able to carry it into adulthood depends a lot upon you as the parent. You have the power to nurture their obsession in a healthy way.


1. Don’t tell them that it’s impossible to be a superhero.

When cell phones first appeared in sci-fi movies, adults probably told their children that nothing of the sort existed and probably never would. Obviously, adults don’t know everything. Children have no limitations to what they believe, and your hardest challenge as an adult is to encourage the seemingly impossible. Not only does this create a more imaginative child, it creates a child that will change the world, invent new products, raise worldly consciousness, and raise superheroes in their own children.

2. Find out which heroes they admire.

Even if you have no interest in superheroes, approach it with an open mind. This is your child; these heroes are who they want to be. Your love for and attitude toward your child will override your opinion of the character they admire. The only danger is that you may choose an archetype of your own in the world of comics.

The greatest thing about an archetype is that there are no rules. Your child may admire one quality about a superhero and have no interest in the other qualities that character possesses. On the other hand, your kid may love every tiny detail of another one. That’s great! Your child is doing their “job.” They’re building their adult self, one micro piece at a time, taking mental note of whom they want to be and what qualities they want to replicate. Your “job” in this equation is to learn more. Ask your child...

  • Who’s your favorite?
  • Why do you like them?
  • Which of their characteristics would you like to adopt?
The answers to these questions reveal how your child sees himself in the present, and who he’s aspiring to be. Your encouragement through this stage in life will play an important role in their adult manifestations.

3. Foster a positive subconscious.

The subconscious mind plays one of two roles in the manifestation process. Whether a person is manifesting a career goal, love, peace, bravery, finances, strength, or confidence, the subconscious is the internal voice that says, “I can” or “I can't.”

Studies have shown that the subconscious is 30,000 times more powerful than the conscious mind. If most people walk around thinking that they can’t do the things they’re meant to do, this not only holds back the individual, it puts a kink in the entire evolutionary process. Reflect on your own life: how many of your archetypes, heroes, or ideas were belittled? How did this affect your personal capabilities in the roles you’ve played or wanted to play?

As you interact with your children, speak to them with the words you wanted to hear, not the ones in your subconscious. You may need to think about what to say before you respond to them, but give your children the words you wanted to hear. This will empower them and help to create a more loving, powerful home environment for everyone. As a bonus for being an awesome superhero-loving parent, you’ll begin to reprogram the negative thoughts of your own prerecorded subconscious.

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