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How to Change Your Life: The Chopra Coaching Certification Program

How to Change Your Life: The Chopra Coaching Certification Program
As the saying goes, “teach what you most need to learn.”

As a coach since 2003, the director of a mindfulness and performance program for UC San Diego Health’s Center for Mindfulness, and the developer and director of the Chopra Coach Certification program, I’ve met a lot of folks over the years and found this to be true time and time again when I speak with aspiring coaches. We come to the profession to gain wisdom and compassion.

At Chopra, we blend 5,000 years of ancient wisdom with the tangible expertise and practical tools that are proven to help you change your life and transform the lives of others.

For more than 25 years, Chopra has successfully trained thousands of students through our Meditation and Health Certification programs. We have witnessed students transform their lives and join the ranks of successful, globally recognized educators, and guide others in their personal transformations.

Now, we are offering the third and final step of certification with Chopra. Learn more about the Chopra Coaching Certification program.

The Chopra Coaching Certification Program

In Chopra’s health and meditation certification programs, you learn to teach and give clients information. In Chopra Coaching Certification program, you learn to integrate the roles of both teacher and coach. Where the teacher can impart information on students, the coach evokes wisdom from the client.

This program is for people who want to be coaches full time or part time, people who want to integrate coaching into their existing wellness field, and for people who are leaders or changemakers in companies and organizations that have the ability and desire to enhance the well-being of their people.

In the Chopra Coaching Certification program, you’ll learn the core conversational skills of listening, asking questions, and offering reflections that help clients seem themselves more clearly. You’ll gain training in these specific skills and coaching methodology, including what we call the four cornerstones.

The four cornerstones of the Chopra Coaching Certification Program

The four cornerstones of Chopra Coaching each have their own guides for the client process, including unique worksheets and goals to help clients to:

  1. Intention: set an intention, create goals and actions, and find accountability.
  2. Purpose: discover who they are in the world, based on their strengths and archetypes.
  3. Meaning: identify and shift limiting thoughts and beliefs that hold them back.
  4. Shadow: uncover repressed emotions and behaviors and return to wholeness through self-compassion.

The Chopra Coaching Certification Program is one of a kind

The Chopra Coaching Certification program checks all the boxes for best practices in the industry. It is the only program available that integrates meditation training and health coaching.

The four cornerstones are unique to Chopra Coaching, as is the integration of Vedic wisdom and coaching psychology, and the ability to coach with Ayurvedic principles in mind, tailoring to the individual constitutions or doshas of clients.

Chopra Coaches learn not only the technique of coaching, the “doing”, but also the presence of a coach, or their “being”. Our coaches learn how to tap into a place of open awareness and come from that place in everything they do. Coaching presence is just as important as technique, and this is where our coaches can really operate from their life’s purpose, or dharma, and empower clients in their own lives.

Additionally, when you complete the program, you become part of the worldwide Chopra family and receive support with Chopra teachers, follow-up webinars, live events, and more.

What Chopra Well-being Coaches do

Chopra coaches can offer group or individual coaching and create courses, products, and corporate trainings. There is the freedom to deepen and expand the work you already do in the world or at home.

Chopra coaches are equipped to really meet their clients where they are. The world needs well-being coaches now more than ever to help bring joy and health into people’s lives.

This is the time to create a new life for yourself and those around you. The many pathways through the Chopra Certification programs are available to help you build your ideal journey in healing, joy, and well-being.

Ready to transform your life? Learn more about the Chopra Coaching Certification program.