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Keeping Your Chakras Balanced During COVID-19

Keeping Your Chakras Balanced During COVID-19
Quarantined. Working. Out of work. Feeling ill. Recovering. Home with kids. Home alone. Home with loved ones. Not at home. There are so many situations you are in during the days of the COVID-19 crisis. The general air of uncertainty, fear, and grief manifests in many ways. You may feel creative bursts and like jumping into action. Or you may feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and depressed. You may even experience a roller coaster of these emotions throughout the days and weeks. As much as possible, give yourself the grace to feel and be as you are.

Understanding Your Chakras

The chakra system offers a simple framework with which to organize thoughts, behaviors, and feelings. The ancient chakra system is an understanding of the subtle energy within you. Subtle energy is one of the five layers, or koshas, that make up your being. The koshas include your physical body (skin, muscles, bones), breath body (breath), mental body (thoughts, ideas, emotions), energy body (prana, life force), and bliss body (true, deep essence).

When you look and feel closely at your experiences, you can see that what happens within one layer can have an effect on another layer. Consider how your heart rate speeds up when you think a thought that induces fear. Or how you feel a deep, inner sense of calm when you receive a hug from your beloved. It is probable that the worldwide panic and anxiety is affecting you on several layers.

Because what goes on energetically within you can reveal itself in different ways, such as trouble focusing or difficulty sleeping; it can be helpful to do a personal check-in. Look and feel closely to see how you are doing physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. These self-care inquiries can be practiced daily, once a week, or on an as-needed basis.

Here is a chakra check-in cheat sheet.

Muladhara: Root Chakra Check-in

Are you feeling grounded? Do something that gets you centered and calm such as deep breathing or resting on your back. Also try gardening, walking barefoot, and researching the benefits that a break for the transportation system has had for the environment.

Svadhisthana: Sacral Chakra Check-in

Are you hydrated? Have you washed your hands? Drink a big glass of water. Wash your hands and face (again). Also try taking a bath, dancing, and journaling about your emotions.

Manipura: Solar Plexus Chakra Check-in

Are you nourished? Notice what you have been consuming, particularly in terms of food and media. Make yourself a huge helping of nutritious and energizing foods. Also try watching a candle flame burn, massaging your abdomen gently, taking a break from the news cycle, and speaking positive affirmations while looking at yourself in the mirror.

Anahata: Heart Chakra Check-in

Are you connecting to sources of love? Make a connection with someone you love by calling, texting, or writing a letter. Also try stretching your arms wide open, hugging a pet, and tending to a houseplant.

Visshudha: Throat Chakra Check-in

Are you expressing your truth? Share your personal experience of this time with someone you trust. Also try singing, drinking tea, intentionally releasing judgments of yourself and others, and wearing a face covering if you must go out.

Ajna: Third Eye Chakra Check-in

Are you seeing the bigger picture? Search for the positive aspects of this time. If possible, contemplate if this has been a valuable time of slowing down, connecting with those you care about, and prioritizing your health. Also try using your intuition to decide what to do next, using an eye mask to get good sleep, and writing an ongoing gratitude list.

Sahasrara: Crown Chakra Check-in

Are you opening up to a sense of oneness? Also try meditation, any inverted yoga pose, and finding an aspect of nature to gaze upon (a flower, a plant, a tree, the clouds) to commune with the wide world.

Bonus: Aura Check-in

In what ways can you protect, sustain, and nurture your overall energy? Consider your entire system. Do at least one thing every day to take care of yourself. Take breaks from the news and social media. Rest and drink plenty of water. Eat healthy foods and move your body. Connect with those you love and set boundaries as needed.

This time of coronavirus can be an opportunity. Humans have a chance—as individuals, as a society, as a world—to do things differently.

This is where a chakra check-in can help you gauge where you would like to create a shift in your life. Continue frequent check-ins and personal self-care daily, weekly, or whenever you feel an imbalance. Here’s to health, balance, and wellness as you do your part to overcome coronavirus.

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