Finding the Gaps of Silence

Finding the Gaps of Silence

I have been listening to different guided meditations for several years and focusing on breathwork. I have always enjoyed it, looked forward to the quiet time to turn off my mind, and recently decided it was time to enhance my practice by enrolling in the Chopra Meditation Enrichment Program.

One Full-Time Working Mom's Experience with Meditation

When I first started really honing in on my meditation practice and Chopra's meditation enrichment program, the idea of 30 minutes of silence two times a day seemed really hard. In fact, it gave me a bit of angst. Each time I listened to the weekly course modules, I kept thinking, “So as I am breathing and focusing on the silence, who is grocery shopping, cooking dinner, managing the myriad of activities the kids have, folding the laundry, and overall keeping things afloat here?”

As a full-time marketing executive and working mom, I believed that I had found a work-life balance and had learned to let go of the many imperfections over the years. I had several conversations with new Moms about the importance of letting go and not striving for perfection.

So, I was intrigued by the concept Chief Meditation Officer at Chopra Global, Roger Gabriel explained in the course do less to gain more. No matter what I had accomplished in a day, there was often a to-do list somewhere on paper or in my mind.

Receiving a Personal Mantra

That all changed when I received my own personal mantra, which was a special and magical day in itself. I began to recite it quietly to myself daily, allowing my mind to sit with the silence. I quickly was able to sit for 15 minutes and then 20 minutes and I found that time went by very fast.

With my eyes closed, I repeated my mantra and sunk deeper and deeper into the quiet space. I wasn’t feeling worried about what I should be doing as time seemed to just fly by and my attention was focused inward on silence. I began to feel lighter and was able to think more clearly.

Practicing Silence

After 12 weeks of devoting time to practicing silence, I am seeing that by going deeper within, I can focus on the things that bring me meaning and joy. I am able to have some clarity on what my priorities are in my life and not spend my mind space on logistics. I also am able to do things that inspire me and my creativity.

I have made a conscious effort to spend time with dear friends and family, near and far, who share in my journey to be our best selves and push boundaries for growth. I am also learning that being present brings me tremendous joy. Being with my kids and my husband—having meals together, removing devices, engaging in small discussions, and finding quiet moments—brings me peace.

Meditation in Daily Life

I still have to handle lots of logistics and run around from activity to activity, especially sports and dance on the weekends. However, I am not trying to just check the box. I am here, I am giving and taking, I AM.

Whether it's a car ride, a subway commute, or a walk, I am finding ways to listen to the sounds around me, enjoy nature, look up and smile with those who pass me by, and awaken my senses for every part of my journey.

When things feel overwhelming, I close my eyes, repeat my mantra and find the gap of silence for as long as I can. Silence is my friend. Namaste.

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