A Ritual to Support the Collective Consciousness

A Ritual to Support the Collective Consciousness
The human heart naturally feels connection, love, and empathy. When your heart chakra is open and in balance, you feel joy for others when they experience it. You also feel oneness, and a desire to support them in some capacity. The following is a ritual you can practice to energetically contribute to the collective consciousness. This six-part ritual can be practiced daily, or as your schedule permits. You may consider it as a humble gift for humanity and Earth.

1. Create an Altar

An altar is a sacred space filled with meaningful objects that reminds you of the unconditional love and guidance that is available to you. You can create your altar on your nightstand, desk, kitchen counter, or coffee table. Let it be in a space where you can sit peacefully for 10 to 15 minutes.

When creating the altar, collect items from nature such as flowers, leaves, rocks, or water from a stream. You can also add a candle, crystals, sage, palo santo, singing bowl, or any item that helps you connect with your spirit. Many choose to place photos or idols that represent their faith. Enjoy this process of gathering items that are significant for you.

2. Light a Candle

When you feel called to make an offering for your fellow inhabitants on Earth, sit near your altar. By burning sage or palo santo, or by lighting a candle, you can clear the energy and let your mind know that it’s time to go inwards.

If you light a candle, take a few moments to soften your gaze and appreciate the flame. If you light the oils, enjoy the aromatherapy that surrounds you. Welcome and activate the element of fire in your mind and body.

3. Find Your Center

World peace begins at home. The greatest offering you can make to humanity is by keeping yourself healthy in mind, body, and spirit. When you are balanced, joyous, and in your truth, you have the capacity to hold space for others. You act, interact, and respond out of peace. When your energetic field expands, it sends out a ripple effect in the collective energy.

Give yourself this time to process and acknowledge what is surfacing for you. Tune into any sensations in the body, emotions, and the breath. Whether you feel peace, numbness, fear, or grief, try to observe these emotions. You are not your feelings or your bodily sensations. Gift yourself this awareness, without attaching to the idea that you have to look or feel in any particular way. In that process, you may often observe that stagnant energy will begin to flow on its own. You may find yourself more centered, simply by observing yourself.

4. Express Gratitude

Once you’ve settled into your observation of the mind and body, allow for a higher vibration to move through you. One way in which you can expand your energy field is by cultivating the feeling of gratitude. Contemplate the blessings that you might have previously taken for granted. This is not a process of merely making a gratitude list, but rather feeling that emotion in the heart. Without forcing yourself, see if there is a person, situation, or thing that you are appreciative of.

5. Ask for Help, Faithfully

Your words and intentions hold immense power and direct the energy flow in your body and the environment around you. You have the ability to call in your guides, feel faith, and ask for your needs and desires. Whether you’re seeking more peace, vitality, harmony, or abundance, you can make your desires known through prayer.

You may converse with your Source silently, out loud, or via writing. Remember, there is nothing to lose in asking. When praying for humanity, you may practice metta meditation by reciting, “May you be healthy. May you be safe. May you be happy. May you be free of suffering.”

6. Surrender

Now, it is time to offer the reins to a higher power. Recognize that you did your part. You have prepared your field with the intention to uplift humanity. You have called in your guides, expressed gratitude, and asked for help. It is safe for you to release the outcome now.

Whether you’re able to practice the six steps of this ritual once a day, or once in a week, you are likely to notice shifts in your energy field. You may find yourself feeling hopeful and empowered in situations in which you once might have felt powerless. Take the time to contribute to uplifting the collective vibration. Be the balanced, rational, and hopeful spirit that you want to see in others.

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