Positively Pitta! Why It’s Great to Be a Pitta

Positively Pitta! Why It’s Great to Be a Pitta
Pitta is the principle of transformation. It represents energy, heat, or fire—and it gives rise to many powerful qualities in your body and mind. Although Pittas are sometimes teased for being “hot-headed” or domineering, when they are in balance, Pittas are kind-hearted, enterprising souls with the courage to follow through on their dreams.

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Today let’s celebrate the gifts of being Pitta. Here are just a few...

  • Pittas are determined, passionate, and enterprising. They usually possess strong wills, and they tend to make good leaders. In the face of challenges, Pittas take charge and inspire others with their vision and energy. They perform well under pressure and are bold and decisive. Many successful entrepreneurs, political and organizational leaders, dedicated research scientists, and top athletes have strong, fiery Pitta natures.
  • Pittas know how to get things done. With your Pitta nature, you excel in setting big goals and persevering until you achieve mastery. The fire of Pitta provides the energy to manifest your intentions and desires. You thrive on challenges and can transform even difficult situations into successes. You may be a trailblazer, using your energy and passion to pioneer new fields.
  • Pittas have a sharp intellect and strong powers of concentration. You absorb new concepts quickly and have a good memory. You are likely to be organized, punctual, and precise, and you will thrive in fields that require close attention to detail.
  • Pittas are warm and loving friends. People are drawn to your natural joyful energy and sense of fun and adventure. You have a witty sense of humor and love engaging in passionate conversations and debates.
  • Pittas are articulate, bold, and direct. You’re able to set clear boundaries and avoid the pitfalls of people-pleasing and waffling. Pittas are often excellent public speakers and teachers who are able to illuminate ideas for others.
  • Pittas have an abundance of stamina and energy. They also enjoy the gift of sleeping soundly. As long as you stay in balance, your digestion will be strong, allowing you to eat anything.

As you celebrate your dosha type, keep in mind that an individual will never perfectly match the description of one particular dosha. Your predominant dosha may be Pitta, yet you may be a bi-doshic type with strong Vata or Kapha characteristics as well. Even two Pitta types will never have the same exact physical and mental traits, yet the underlying Pitta constitution will manifest some similarity in their bodies and minds.

We each contain a unique mixture of all three doshas—our own individual blend of space, air, fire, water, and earth. Remember, there is no “good” or “bad” dosha type—only balanced and imbalanced doshas. And the goal is always to explore ways to find balance in the mind and body so you can enjoy your full potential for vibrant health and happiness.

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