Hello, I’m
Melissa Ramon

Writer, Educator, Homeschooling Mother and Coach, Children’s Rights Advocate

Melissa Ramon is a writer, teacher for over two decades, homeschooling mother and coach, and children’s rights advocate who has dedicated her life to encouraging growth in herself and others through equitable, quality educational programs. For over two decades, she dedicated herself to working with lower-income families and children as they sought quality educational outcomes, always keeping their social-emotional well-being at the forefront of decision making and planning. Her fervent love of literature and the human condition inspired her Masters degree in English and Literary Studies. She is a student of life, incorporating her knowledge of Buddhist concepts for well-being into her daily work. Her two children, a 5-year-old son, and 8-year-old daughter, are the light of her world as she strives to make them proud each and every day! Melissa believes in living each day with an open heart, always keeping ourselves available to new possibilities and the wonder of existence.