Personal Growth

Stepping Into Your Purpose — Beyond the Doing

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Spiritual seekers are often intrigued about why their soul chooses to incarnate on Earth at this time. We may search for your unique skills and talents that we are here to share. All of us can live into our purpose by how we choose to simply be. Our purpose is much more than what we do and create. Here are seven ways in which we can step into our purpose beyond what we “do.”

We can serve humanity, not just in the messages that we share through writing and speaking, but also in compassionately listening. A basic human right is our need to be seen, heard, and supported. When we hold space for others to express themselves without judgment, criticism, or our own agenda, we support them as they blossom at their own divine pace. We witness their evolution and awakening, without imposing our need to change, fix, or heal them.

How We Energetically Hold Space for Others
Depending on human design and purpose, some of us naturally and even unconsciously absorb, process, and share energy. Empaths tend to feel, hear or know information and energy. They may step into a room and sense the feelings of those that were there before them. They may tear up as soon as they see someone else cry.

Recognize that you may already be living into your purpose as your body and aura are transforming the energy of everyone and every space that you encounter. If you are intrigued by this idea, you may wish to begin a practice of consciously sending healing energy. All it takes is presence, willingness, and intention.


For some, their purpose lies in their career, but for others it’s in how they show up in relationships, for Earth, and for themselves."

How We Treat Others
A simple look of trust or friendly conversation can shape someone else’s day. You can create a ripple effect of kindness in your community when you choose to be the light. Treating people who don’t mean a lot to us with respect is our purpose. While you may not be able to donate money to a homeless person, all of us have the ability to look at them as a soul who’s not beneath anyone else. Genuinely smiling from the heart, saying a silent blessing, or sharing a compliment are all ways in which we may fulfill our soul’s dharma.

Pursue Joy
Many of us have been taught to suppress our desires and be humble. This may lead us to forget pleasure and lightness. The Japanese explain that our ikigai is a mix of what we love, what the world needs, what we can be paid for, and what we’re good at. While seeking for their purpose, many forget to turn inward and look at their passions, and that which brings them delight. When seeking your purpose, you may wish to consider, “Do I believe that I am worthy of being happy? What has my family, religion, and society taught me about happiness as a part of my purpose?”

Relationship with All Life Forms
Our exchange with all forms of consciousness is also an aspect of our dharma. Planting trees, fostering pets, and cleaning up your local pond may be wonderful ways to heal our planet. However, our soul’s purpose may also include acknowledging, being present with, and honoring all forms of consciousness. Many of the lessons that we came here to learn can simply be learned by observing nature and allowing a relationship with its consciousness. By communicating with Earth and all of its inhabitants, we can access universal wisdom that exceeds our own understanding.

Becoming a Channel
You may also tap into the purpose of your existence, by allowing higher consciousness to move through you. Each and every one of us has the ability to clear our energy channels and be receptive to energetic and informational downloads. These can guide your own path or help others in their journey. You may begin to let the Universe know that you’re ready to channel higher consciousness in your meditation and prayer practice.

Additionally, it may help to eat high-vibrational (e.g., raw and organic) foods and drink plenty of water. Develop a practice of writing down the messages you receive and the energetic shifts that you experience. This will help you to acknowledge and trust your ability to channel energy and information.

Seeing the Light in You
Part of our soul’s purpose is to also acknowledge that we are whole, healthy, and enough. While our physical body may be experiencing pain or discomfort, our soul is a vivacious bright light that is free from the suffering on Earth. Along with working toward health, joy, and love, see if you can also acknowledge your own perfection. There is nothing more to do or achieve. You are as worthy, lovable, and pure as the rest of consciousness.

Living into your purpose doesn’t require you to go back to school or make a radical shift in careers. It can be as simple as how you gaze at someone or the feelings you apply to yourself. While our world does need people who take action, express themselves, and create, we also need to live into our purpose by just being. Our dharma is multi-faceted and may be fulfilled in numerous ways including patiently listening to others, holding an intention, observing nature, and trusting our intuition.