Personal Growth

Radical Beauty Pillar 6: Spiritual Beauty

This pillar is all about how self-love, heart-based living, and a peaceful mind to foster natural beauty from the inside out and increase your natural glow and magnetic presence.

Chronic anger, worry, and fear are as acidic and inflammatory to your body as refined junk food. To avoid toxicity from negative emotions, the practice of meditation is the most powerful step you can take. When you meditate, you reach the prime source of beauty. We can call it Spirit, the soul, or the true self. The exact word isn’t important.

Take Away: Take a silent moment to yourself today. Clear your mind and sit with yourself for a few moments. Your emotions affect how you feel and how you look. By being able to connect with yourself, you are able to become your true self, through self-acceptance and self-love. You can learn how to strive to be your best self and awaken to your inner beauty.

Watch this video of Deepak and I explaining spiritual beauty as a fundamental part of Radical Beauty.