Personal Growth

Radical Beauty Pillar 5: Beautiful Movement

This pillar will delve into the best ways to move your body to promote natural grace, tone, and beauty—as well as which forms of movement are aging and should be avoided.

When it comes to movement, balance is the key. You can actually overdo certain types of workouts—excessive levels of physical exertion can create oxidative stress in your body. So when you’re tracking progress, focus on getting the most tangible, visible results for a toned, fit body—not on total hours spent at the gym.

You’ll learn powerful breathing techniques that can make a tremendous difference to your beauty, as well as specific yoga poses to promote revitalizing oxygenation and detoxification, which are appropriate for all levels. These movements can promote inner healing and revitalize everything from your digestion and circulation to your skin and hair health.

Take Away: Healthy digestion is key to beauty and health. Yogic twists (which we describe in detail in the book, Radical Beauty) are cleansing. They stimulate your abdominal organs, including your liver (your main detoxifying organ), kidneys, and digestive organs.

Watch this video of Deepak and I explaining why exercise and movement are so important to Radical Beauty, and get some tips on how to incorporate more healthy movement into your day-to-day life.