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Radical Beauty Pillar 4: Primal Beauty

Radical Beauty Pillar 4: Primal Beauty
This pillar focuses on how to live closer and more in tune with nature, which helps bring out your natural beauty. You will learn how to align your energy with the larger natural rhythms of nature by shifting your daily patterns in accordance with the solar and lunar cycles and the seasons. This alignment with the macrocosm will help you harness the force to support your overall energy and vitality.

You will also learn how to reduce the toxic chemicals, electromagnetic radiation, and pollution in your personal space, which will reduce their negative impact on your hormones and biorhythms. This pillar also teaches the benefits of simple practices like “earthing,” which have been shown to help balance your body with negative ions and neutralize aging free radicals.

Take Away: When it comes to connecting with nature, it is good to vary your routine to reflect what is going on with the changing seasons and in the natural world around you. For instance, during the summer, you may incorporate more raw foods or water-based fruits like watermelon into your diet. In the winter, you may be inclined to eat more root vegetables and use spices to warm your body from the inside out.

Watch this video of Deepak and I as we discuss nature’s importance on Radical Beauty, and how to tune into the larger natural rhythms of nature.