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Radical Beauty Pillar 3: Peak Beauty Sleep

Radical Beauty Pillar 3: Peak Beauty Sleep
Are you getting enough Zzzzz’s? Your sleep rhythms are an essential component of Radical Beauty, and this pillar will outline tips and tools to enhance this important part of your life.

Proper sleep enables your blood to flow more efficiently to your skin, which is important for supporting your skin to heal itself daily. It also helps reduce dark under-eye circles and stress. Reduced stress can help improve eating habits and digestion, which in turn can lead to even clearer skin with fewer breakouts.

You will also learn optimal sleep methods to help enhance your body’s creation of growth hormone, which boosts your collagen production and is critical for keeping your skin firm and resilient.

Take Away: One way to help you reach Peak Beauty Sleep is to start making routines for yourself: try to wake up and eat your meals at the same time each day and exercise on a regular schedule. Regular rhythms throughout the day will help you be able to sleep more easily as well as achieve deeper REM sleep at night.

Watch this video of Deepak and I explaining why sleep is such as an integral part of Radical Beauty, and find tips on how to improve your peak beauty rest.