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How to Stay Centered in Workplace Chaos

How to Stay Centered in Workplace Chaos
If you feel like your job or colleagues sap your energy and tranquility, you’re not alone. Even people who have rewarding careers can get drawn into the chaos and drama at work.

You have the power of ancient wisdom and ever-evolving consciousness on your side. It is possible to take back control through practicing self-awareness, being true to your healthy practices, and finding some alone time even on your busiest days. Follow these tips to help you remain centered at work.

Be True to Your Practice

When work becomes particularly demanding, you might sacrifice other areas of your life to reach these other job-related goals. Maybe you pick fast food instead of preparing a healthy meal, skip your daily yoga or meditation practice, or ignore loved ones.

There’s no better way to improve your workplace experience than to go deeper into your personal spiritual practice. You don’t need to be rigid about your meditation and yoga practice schedule. Just keep in mind that you want more—not less—of these healthy daily practices in your life. Yoga and meditation practice help you relax and maintain poise in stressful situations. It’s also an act of loving yourself.

When you give the proper time and attention to your own inner awareness, there is nothing in the world that is too overwhelming or chaotic.

Use Self-Awareness

Check in with your thoughts and feelings from time to time. Try to dig a little deeper to determine what bothers you at work and why. Ask yourself, why are you aggravated, who set you off and why, or how you feel about your current tasks? These questions can help you gain some insight into what is causing stress.

When a co-worker or job-related task bothers you, try to focus within. This can help you push the pause button and center your energy on what is most important.

The wisdom traditions shed light on the importance of our thoughts and emotions in experience. When at work, it can be easy to forget yourself. Remember, that you are most important. Your mood and energy can have a huge effect on your output, efficiency, drive, and motivation. Don't allow negative thoughts or energy to stay with you. By understanding your self and giving attention to your inner world, you will be less likely to stress.

Be the Solution

Problems have a purpose; when you experience and dissolve a problem it can cause a stirring in your being.

This does not always mean being the fixer. Often, a simple gesture or positive thought is enough. For example, when there’s disagreement among your colleagues, try to be the bridge for their differing points of view. When an administrator is venting his or her dissatisfaction about an issue, try diffusing it by being attentive and eager to accomplish the goal. Although this may not always fix the problem, it can help soften the experience. No matter what the issue may be, there is always a solution. That solution, rather subtle or overt, is within you. When you remain fixed in your resolve to be a part of the solution, life's conflicts become opportunities rather than problems.

Bring Your Tranquility to Work with You

If you happen to have some personal space at your job such as an office or desk, try bringing something to the workplace that puts you in a peaceful state of mind.

This can be a picture, statue, poem, ornament, or even music. Pleasant scents are also recommended because they can be helpful in re-centering our spirits and minds. If allowable, you may try wearing articles of clothing that you associate with your path to higher consciousness. It’s a subtle way to remind you of the essence of who you are and how you choose to live your life, no matter what you face.

Keep Your Personal Goals in Mind

These can simply be things that you wish to accomplish as part of your job. The purpose is to keep yourself from falling into a mundane existence and being programmed with company culture. Be true to your self.

For example, if you’re working a certain job in order to stabilize your finances, keep that goal in mind. No matter what you’re facing during your workday, remind yourself of the financial freedom you will soon experience when that debt is paid down. Whatever the goal—education, experience, even a materialistic aim like buying a new gadget—can be helpful. Keep your mind focused on what you hope to achieve, not what you have to go through to get it.

When you have a centered, self-focused reality, the everyday chaos of your job will seem less significant.Remember, you’re not living to work; your work supports your living. Stay focused on you, what you enjoy, and where you're headed in life, to maintain the proper perspective.

Get Alone Time

Sometimes, you have to physically step away from a work issue to lessen stress and center yourself. This can mean co-workers or a stack of paperwork. When you feel overwhelmed by the chaos, it’s okay to take a breather.

A short series of deep complete nostril breaths can help you deal with stress. If it’s available to you, take five minutes to walk outside in nature, or go to a personal space. Try taking at least one break a day alone. Silence can give you energy to take to the rest of the workday.

Give yourself some time to think and digest your workplace experience to help you stay centered.

Keep it in Perspective

You’re here on this planet to live life. No matter how important your work is to you, try to find ways to remind yourself that it’s only a portion of who you are. You were somebody before that job. You will be somebody after it ends. Who is that person? What is that person learning and accomplishing from this work?

Life is a school of experience—a constant learning process for your consciousness. This includes your work.

In the workplace, try to stay centered in your higher self by placing attention on the underlying meanings and messages in your experiences. Even the smallest work activities hold importance when seen from this perspective.

Every interaction can be an opportunity for your consciousness to expand. By keeping yourself focused on the most important goal of all, self-evolution, you lessen the distractions of drama, inefficiency, ego, and negativity that are commonly found in the workplace. Even the most daunting tasks become smaller in comparison to the greater significance of you. Be loving and attentive to your self. Remember that you’re working to make money or accomplish something that benefits you and your sense of well-being. Remain focused, even when performing works for others. Your growth is important.