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9 Vastu Tips for the Bedroom

9 Vastu Tips for the Bedroom
Do you wake up groggy or have trouble sleeping? Are your children waking with nightmares or have respiratory problems? Does your love life leave something to be desired? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it may be time look at your bedroom from a Vastu perspective to see if something is brewing in the environment there that needs your attention.

Vastu is an ancient environmental science that addresses how your home and workspace influences your health, happiness, relationships, and success in life in very subtle, yet powerful ways. Simply put, if there is stress in the environment, you will feel it.

A few tweaks to your bedroom could change your life.

5 Vastu Bedroom Tips for Everyone

  • If you have clutter under your bed, remove it. If you must use this area for storage, it is important to keep it organized and be conscious of what you store there. In Vastu, the rule is whatever you store under your bed has influence on your subconscious and quality of sleep. Only store items under your bed that are life affirming and make you feel peaceful.
  • Mirrors that face the bed collect stress which “mirrors” that stress back to you. If you can sit up in bed and see yourself in a dresser mirror or a mirrored closet door, cover it with a piece of fabric at night. Doing so will help you feel much more rested in the morning.
  • The same applies to a TV or computer in the bedroom. Televisions and computers stay on even when you turn them off and emit radiation. For a better night’s sleep, cover your TV or computer when they’re not in use or, better yet, remove them from the bedroom altogether.
  • The head of your bed should preferably be on a south wall. The reason for this is positive magnetic energy comes from the north. Your body is like a magnet with the positive polarity in the head. When you put two ends of a magnet together, they repel, affecting the quality of your sleep. East and west are also fine, but it is advised to never sleep with your head on a north wall. If the head of your bed is to the north and there is no other option to move, sleep on the opposite end of the bed. It might take some time to get comfortable with this new setup, but eventually you’ll sleep deeper, wake up more refreshed, and stay healthier.
  • Move your bed 4 inches away from the wall. Geopathic stress in the form of electrical pollution and pipes in the wall behind the head of your bed can drain your energy and affect your health.

4 Tips to Improve Your Love Life

  • To encourage loving relationships in your life, place a piece of tumbled, uncut rose quartz in each of the four corners of your bedroom. Rose quartz symbolizes self-love, acceptance, and promotes romantic love.
  • Replace your old sheets with new ones in a pink or rose tone. The color pink has a healing influence on the environment. This color also has a calming influence on the nervous system.
  • Use scented candles or incense in these specific scents to uplift and enliven love:
    • Rose scent to open the heart
    • Neroli to calm and relax the body and strengthen the emotions
    • Lavender to enhance well-being
  • The color red is considered to be the color of passion and sexuality and is synonymous with love and romance. Red is revitalizing to the physiology and enlivens the base chakra. It is the longest wavelength and lowest frequency of all the colors. The color red should only be used as an accent color in the bedroom, such as candles, cut flowers, or throw pillows. Red can also be used to overcome mental depression and fear, increase enthusiasm, and stimulate energy.
Integrate some of these easy Vastu tips into your bedroom to have a more restful sleep and improve your relationship with your sexual partner.