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11 Tips to Balance Your Vata Brain at the Computer

11 Tips to Balance Your Vata Brain at the Computer
Almost everyone is on some type of computer each day. Whether it’s a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smart phone, most people engage in the tech world on a regular basis. It’s exciting to have the knowledge of almost everything at our fingertips, but it’s so pervasive that it’s beginning to take over, consuming our time and thoughts. The challenge is in using computers as a tool and not allowing them to become your master.

The Vata dosha is easily triggered in the endless, vast universe of the Internet. Vata is made of wind and space. So is the Internet—endless wisdom flowing through the air to our screen. With all that information floating around, it can be hard to focus on the intended task. It may take an hour to complete a computer task that should only take 20 minutes. The reason: you’re in front of endless Vata (motion and change).

The typical office is already full of Vata without adding in the computer. This small contraption now at every desk and cubical has taken the office Vata from a powerful wind to a hurricane. The good news is that Ayurveda can help balance the Vata brain back down to soft ocean breeze.

Desk Appearance

Set the stage for a clear and focused mind with a clean workspace.

  1. Organize your desk. It limits the information the brain sees upon approaching the area.
  2. Keep décor to a minimum and include pastel colors and earth tones for grounding the wind of Vata.
  3. Reduce airflow by placing your computer away from overhead vents or fans.

Staying Focused

Reduce mental distractions with these tips.

  1. Set Intentions.
  2. Make a list with work and deadlines at the top, followed by personal ideas that have come to mind. If other ideas pop into your head throughout the day, take note of them (perhaps on your phone), then go back to your task. It’s easy to lose focus and fall down a path where you end up logging off without accomplishing the main goal.
  3. Limit how many windows you leave open. If you have to open a new tab to look up information, close the tab when the task is complete.
  4. Don’t multitask. Your brain cannot process more than one thing at a time. Have you ever been on the computer during a phone conversation only to hang up and realize you forgot what they said? This is because you weren’t really doing two things at once. Completing one task at a time reduces your sense of anxiety, minimizes your feelings of forgetfulness, and increases your ability to focus.
  5. Include aromatherapy in your regular work routine. A lot of companies may not allow you to burn candles but you can use helpful scents in your personal hygiene products. Try floral, fruity, warm, sweet, or sour aromas.

Guidelines for Social Media

Social media is instant Vata—a lot going on at a very fast pace. If you’re self-employed or work for a company that encourages social media, it’s hard to avoid. Use these tips to help control social media Vata.

  1. Put a time limit on each site.
  2. Do not engage in every notification.
  3. Consider using social media control apps such as HootSuite and SocialOomph. These apps allow you to make a post one time via that app that will in turn be posted to all of your social media accounts. This can help limit your time on each site and help reduce excess Vata.
Adding an entire list of behavior changes to your routine can be more stressful than productive. Pick your favorite one or two, and gradually try different suggestions on the list. Try a step-by-step approach and figure out which ones work best for you.