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10 Everyday Tips for Cultivating a Spiritual Relationship

10 Everyday Tips for Cultivating a Spiritual Relationship
If you’re single, don’t fret. Use this alone time to raise your consciousness and let your intuition guide you. This will help you prepare for the right partner and find that soulful connection.

Once you’ve found a mate, there are steps the two of you can take to help cultivate that spiritual relationship. Here’s what we have learned in our search for each other and through our past 11 years together.

Explore Your Subconscious Together

Everyone has a past. It might be a past that you’d like to forget and leave behind forever. That’s a good idea; that is, once you’ve shared your past relationships with your new partner.

Why would we suggest this? We all create scenarios in our mind of how to act, what to say, and what to hide. The first relationships we see as children—which for most of us is our parents—sets a baseline of expectations. From that point, we decide what we did, or didn’t, like about how they interacted. With each relationship of our own, we stuff more junk into our subconscious mind to create our “perfect” partnership scenario. This is destruction waiting to happen.

It’s extremely important to share these emotions and thoughts with your partner. For instance, your partner might hate something that you do, that to you may seem trivial. But those negative feelings may stem from their experiences with a previous partner.

Share and Explore Beliefs Together

You don’t have to share the same spiritual beliefs to have a great relationship, although we do suggest taking every opportunity to explore beliefs together. If you’re completely against your partner’s choice for spirituality or their approach to soulful self-healing, you may want to ask yourself if you’re in the right place?

As we glide through life, our ideas change. When you share your deepest thoughts and have open communication, this exploration together becomes an adventure beyond compare. Sometimes you’ll agree and sometimes you will not; that’s not important. The importance lies in allowing each other to be yourselves, enjoying the exploration, and diving into the experience that each of you want.

Remember, nothing stays the same. Life with a partner can be extremely fulfilling when these changes occur in both of your lives.

Understand Each Other’s Innate Traits

Read your horoscope together. Skip the daily advice section and instead focus on the description of the zodiac traits for that sign. Each zodiac has powerful qualities as well as weaknesses.

Taking the time to understand your partner’s zodiac description can bring you closer together. Take it a step further and work on each weakness together.

The horoscope gives us our weak traits so we can accept the challenge of making them better. It will also take some stress away from those “why do you do that?” thoughts.

It provides each of you an immediate spiritual understanding of what each soul came here to improve. And really, what better person is there to help you with this exercise than the one who you’re in love with? The western horoscope is great; we also suggest scheduling a reading with the Chopra Center’s Vedic counseling program for an Eastern perspective.

Understand How Gender Roles Have Changed

Gender roles have changed significantly over the past several decades. Mothers work labor jobs and men are stay-at-home dads. What does this mean on a spiritual level? Each of us has masculine and feminine energy and qualities. Cultivate and nurture both of these.

Don’t be afraid to discuss these emotions with your partner. Finding a balance in this mix of masculine and feminine traits can be confusing. We don’t have a lot of elders to guide us through this process because it’s so new.

Women today are displaying a more masculine, powerful, independent side of themselves and men are taking on the more sensitive, emotional, and nurturing side. These shifts can cause conflict. The female may love that her male partner is in tune with his emotions; meanwhile, something is telling her he needs to “man up” and stop crying.

These changes don’t have to be as difficult as some couples make them. Accept that gender roles are changing. Discuss your thoughts and feelings with each other to grow your spiritual connection and transition into a beautifully evolved couple.

Commit to Daily Spiritual Rituals

Choose an activity that builds spirituality together daily. Some suggestions include:

  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Reading and discussion time
  • Seeing a life coach together
  • Time in nature

Tune in

Vibrations and energy play a large role in our love life. Life is fast, and work can seem constant at times. This can create a separation. When the two of you are not vibrating on the same frequency, fights crop up more frequently, and your love can seem like it has lost its spark.

Take time every day to cuddle, hug, or talk about topics that bring you closer together, not pull you apart. Never forget to make eye contact during these daily sessions.


When you meet someone new, the play can seem endless. Somewhere along the way one partner or another realizes this is a relationship. Suddenly, you begin to separate what you do with friends with what you do with each other as a couple.

Playing together will inject youthfulness and spark into your relationship. Play can be anything from a physical sport, video games, a day at the spa, shopping, or any other fun activity. Try the activities your partner enjoys. Maybe you don’t like it, but giving it a try shows just how much you enjoy your partner.

Alone Time

Spending time alone is just as important as being together. Humans need private space and time with their own thoughts. Be respectful and trust each other when these times arise. Being alone gives space to miss them as well as unity with one’s self.

It can be easy to become so engulfed in your relationship that you lose yourself. When you’re in love, it’s normal for each person to become involved in the other’s life and interests. This can become unhealthy when you lose sight of your individuality and inner life purpose. Your partner should complement these aspects, not delete them.

Create and Manifest as One

Decide what goals you have in common. Have a weekly conversation about where you are in life and where you want to go next. Manifesting together and reaping the joys of the end result, builds a chain of partnership that is not easily broken.

Once a couple believes in the power they have over negativity and random obstacles, the spiritual connection grows stronger. If you’re not familiar with the manifestation process, we suggest contacting a life coach or visiting a Chopra Center event. Humans have a unique ability to co-create—to turn potential and vision into reality. Tapping into this can be life changing.

Partners on the same path, with the same goals, beliefs, and dreams cannot and will not fail. Together, follow these steps:

  • Write down your goals
  • Celebrate small victories
  • Give credit to the universe
  • Give thankfulness to each other

Enjoy the Journey

Enjoy each step, laughter, and lesson as you move through this process. Stop thinking about what you feel a relationship is supposed to be. Instead, think about the end result and love the journey that will get you there.

Is every moment a storybook photo? I’m certain that it is not, but it’s better because it is yours.

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