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Manifesting Grace Through Gratitude (Extended)

Manifesting Grace Through Gratitude (Extended)

For those who enjoy more time in meditation, the special extended edition of Manifesting Grace through Gratitude is the perfect way to go within.

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Join Oprah winfrey & deepak chopra

Meditate for up to 30 minutes per track, with additional uninterrupted meditation time spanning 20 minutes.

Discover how the simple yet profound act of gratitude transforms your life – here and now – by illuminating the power of the grace within you. Learn the secrets to:

  • Make gratitude a blissful practice that infuses each moment with the life-changing power of grace
  • Stop chasing the things you think you need to be happy, and start finding true joy in each present moment
  • Tap into the power of grace to effortlessly attract more and more to be grateful for
  • Experience deep fulfillment regardless of external circumstances and appreciate the joy of simply being

Beautiful soundscapes harmonize with Oprah and Deepak’s daily messages, mantra-based meditations, and centering thoughts. Start your journey towards feeling genuine gratitude each day – and experiencing the gifts grace has to offer in return – with Manifesting Grace through Gratitude!

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