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7 Days to Relieve Stress & Anxiety

7 Days to Relieve Stress & Anxiety

Join Oprah and Deepak for a unique blend of meditation and activities to help support facets of daily life that many people find difficult. 7 Days to Relieve Stress and Anxiety focuses on the root causes of common anxiety symptoms, while providing tools and strategies to alleviate the negative effects of daily stress and guide you on a path to whole health.

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Join Oprah winfrey & deepak chopra

Does it feel like life keeps serving up endless ways to stress you out? Modern society does not promote the calm, centered state of mind we need to experience lasting peace and fulfillment, and record numbers of people suffer from chronic stress and general anxiety. Oprah and Deepak offer a way out in 7 Days to Relieve Stress and Anxiety, as you discover new, healthy ways of responding to stress and anxiety that help you maintain an inner core of peace in even the most hectic situations. Learn to leave your worries for the future and regrets about the past behind, so you can experience true joy in each present moment.

Offering their wisdom and insights, Oprah and Deepak guide you through routines and habits to help you reach a peaceful, centered way of being.

You’ll receive:

  • 7 daily lessons with meditations guided by Oprah and Deepak
  • 7 relaxing stress-relieving meditations
  • A personalized quiz to gain insight into stress levels and help remedy the cause of anxiety
  • Quick, simple exercises for instant anxiety relief
  • A yoga video to release built-up tension in the body
  • A customizable fill-in exercise to retrain the brain for long-term relief
  • Pre-bedtime activities to promote calm, restful sleep
  • Mindful exercises for spiritual and emotional balance

This online program is designed to be used as a 7-day coaching guide, while also providing on-demand tools for you to return to again and again – giving you all the resources you need to enjoy the undeniable benefits of a calm, anxiety-free state of mind.

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