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Want to achieve greater health and well-being this season? Download the Spring Release & Refresh E-book from Chopra’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Sheila Patel, then use it with the Spring Release & Refresh series in the Chopra App. Inside, you’ll find tips to shake off the winter energy and balance your dosha.

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Did you know the seasons affect your mind and body (aka your dosha)? Late winter into early spring is Kapha season, which may result in feeling congested, lethargic, unmotivated, and even mildly depressed. The way you eat, drink, and even exercise can help you find the balance your body needs.

Use this free e-book as a complement to the Spring Release & Refresh series in the Chopra App to learn how to balance your Kapha energy this season.

Here's what's inside...

Grounded, Joyful, Loving

The watery qualities of kapha combine with this steadiness to create a beautiful foundation for growth and renewal - we see it in nature as seeds begin to sprout and flowers bloom in early springtime.

Balance through food

Give yourself a boost during kapha season by warming up our digestion and bringing in foods and drinks that are warm and invigorating.

Energize Your Senses

In Ayurveda, we can use our senses for healing by bringing in lightness, energy and heat to balance accumulating kapha energy.

Cultivate a Daily Routine

Find balance with daily habits that support health and vitality and strengthen your digestive fire.

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