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Use Your Superpowers to Build a Better World

Use Your Superpowers to Build a Better World
Happy 2021 everyone! As we move into this new year, we naturally become more intentional about the vision we have for our higher selves and the life we want to create. I've always believed in the superpowers we all have inside of us, and that once you know your superpowers, you have the ability to consciously use them to build a better world. It's the idea of truly being who you are, so you can fully give your gift.

I recorded a poem for you about our superpowers, living in the present, and embracing your life's journey. Hope you enjoy it. It’s called Superpowers and it's also in my new book, Inquire Within. If you want this poem and more, you can get your copy here :)

Sending love and light to you in this new year.


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