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The Season of Love: 3 Exercises to Attract Your Beloved

The Season of Love: 3 Exercises to Attract Your Beloved
There’s no perfect season for finding love. It’s always a good time to add more love in your life.

If you struggle to attract loving relationships, try this exercise to help you determine what you really want. Instead of wishing for love, you set a conscious intention and become the co-creator of what you want.

We carry a lot of thoughts—too many—in our heads about what we do and don’t want. These exercises will help you empty your mind and give you some perspective. Do these exercises for seven consecutive nights—in bed before you go to sleep.

Exercise 1: Nightly Journaling

You’ll need seven lined pieces of paper for this activity. Mark each paper at the top with one of these topics:

  • What I want in my beloved emotionally.
  • What I want in my beloved spiritually.
  • What I want in my beloved physically.
  • What I want in my beloved sexually.
  • What I want in my beloved intellectually.
  • What I want in my beloved financially.
  • What I want in my beloved socially and politically.
Before each evening session, relax, close your eyes, and take some long, deep breaths in and out through your nose to calm the mind and to empty it of all your daily concerns. You can write as much as you want and add new thoughts to each page nightly. You can also add additional pages, if needed. Read over your lists from the night before, refining, adding, and subtracting; keep each topic separate.

Exercise 2: Your Perfect Day

On a separate sheet of paper, write about a perfect day with your beloved. What would it feel and look like to be in a relationship that met all of your wants and desires? Your perfect day should begin with waking in the morning and end when you fall asleep at night. Make this experience as real as possible. What would that day be like? What would you do? Where would you go?

Exercise 3: All About Love

For the final exercise, write about what you have learned about love and loving from your parents or any other adult who raised you. This will give a voice to the child within you that found love a safe or unsafe place to grow. The unconscious judgment of love from a child’s perspective can bind us and hold us in limbo. Becoming aware of this will free up your thoughts and emotions, providing you with a new perspective.

As the moon becomes full, make an altar. Before it is completely full, go over your lists. Breathe in what you have written and distill all your hopes and dreams into three words that best capture the tone of your heart’s desire.

For example, you could write fulfillment, harmony, joy, or love. Write these words on a small, unlined piece of paper. Hold this paper to your heart and breathe all your love and yearning into the paper and, when you feel complete, place it on the offering tray in the center of your altar. Let go of your desires and give them all to the Divine. There is more working here than what your conscious mind understands. Trust in right timing and see what unfolds.