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Meditation Teachers: 5 Ways to Begin Self-Marketing

Meditation Teachers: 5 Ways to Begin Self-Marketing
In my heart, I have always been an entrepreneur. I guess it’s in my genes as my mother was a very resourceful single mom who was great at finding new ways to make money while sharing products or services that she believed in. (Think back to the days of Jafra and Tupperware and you’ll get the picture).

Similarly, I’ve never been afraid to get out and meet people and share things that I’ve benefitted from. This is what marketing is—promoting or selling your products or services by actively encouraging others to try something that works. That said, being successful at marketing takes practice and skill. And like most skills, marketing yourself gets easier with time.

1. Know Thy Self

A good place to start is to truly know your products or services. Keep in mind your products or services are you. If you are going to be good at selling you, it’s essential you get to know yourself. Take a moment to consider the following questions:

  • What are your values?
  • What are you really good at?
  • What are you not good at?
  • What is your end goal?
You may think you already know the answers to these questions, but it’s still good to re-visit and explore them more deeply. The purpose of these questions is to help determine what motivates you. Are there tasks you don’t enjoy and tend to avoid? Start looking at ways to outsource these tasks. This will allow you to shift your time from things that don’t excite you and weigh you down toward being more productive at what you’re good at. Often, business owners are great at what they know (the technical part) but not so good at the business aspect, and that's ok. Don’t paralyze yourself with overanalyzing why you're not good at everything—delegate the tasks you don’t like and move on.

A lot of entrepreneurs have hang-ups about selling, especially in the beginning. Start to recognize your own limiting beliefs around selling and create statements that feel affirming to you and remind you of your strengths. Get comfortable with the idea of selling to those that know you and those that don’t.

Now that you are clear about what motivates you, spend time visualizing what your ideal day as a business person would look like. What tasks do you enjoy? Imagine yourself doing these tasks and feeling accomplished and happy. This visualization helps to raise your vibration, which, in turn, attracts the things you want. This is the Law of Intention and Desire in action.

Make a list of your intentions and plant them in the field of all possibilities (through meditation or by reviewing the list before going to bed). The last and most important step is to let go and trust the Universe to sort out the details. Intend what you want your business to look like, but have your attention in the present moment by doing what you love.

2. Get Tech Savvy

Nowadays, every person in business needs to have at least some sort of Internet presence. The days of passing out business cards and cold calling to gain new business are fading. Even the smallest mom-and-pop shop has a presence on Yelp or other sites that have taken the place of the Yellow Pages. (Remember those?)

You don't have to spend a lot of money and you can even learn to create your own webpage pretty easily for very little cost. Keep in mind, you’ll need to update it every now and again so make sure to keep things fluid and broad—you can always make changes and update it as you go along. Try not to become stuck by thinking your website has to be perfect. Just having an online presence is what is important so that people can connect with you and view your services. Don't get too bogged down with the details.

Make social media your friend—again, having a presence is what’s important. Start a business page (simple to do on Facebook) and invite all of your current “friends” to like your page so you can start to build a following. This will take time, but if you’re consistent with your posts and messages, an audience can build quickly. Take photos of you at your gigs and share them.

Lastly, be yourself. Don’t try to be something you’re not. This will come across to your online audience.

3. Partner with Others

Partner with others in your field—It’s not a competition and you can learn from one another. You will learn about what you want in the process and also what you don't want, which is just as valuable.

Working with other teachers is also a great way to teach larger groups (you make more money in less time) without having to do all of the work yourself. Doubling your resources and your audience will help build the event.

4. Offer Free Classes

In the beginning, teach to family and friends as much as possible and offer a “friends and family” rate to make your class more appealing to them while you are gaining experience working with those who already love you. This takes the pressure off and is a great way to start teaching right away with minimal risk to your reputation. Hone your skills while testing what works and what doesn’t on your family and friends.

Look for opportunities to teach for free in your own community (i.e., at your local community center or health club). Offer free classes where you are already taking classes yourself—you can even work out a trade with businesses that ultimately saves you money while mastering your craft and becoming known in your community.

5. Never Stop Learning

When you commit to continuing education, you will always have new things to share with your students while keeping yourself stimulated and motivated. As with any type of work, you can become complacent about your daily activities, which can lead to resignation and cynicism. Pledge to yourself that you will keep adding tricks to your toolbox and become a source of information for your students. Be open to what it looks like to be of service to others, and the opportunities to serve will present themselves.

Each day, ask yourself, “Did I do my best today to serve my clients and myself?” Always do your best and you will live with integrity and be successful. It is when you become self-absorbed that you begin to question being in business for yourself and this can be very unfulfilling.

Each day is an opportunity to try again—to trust the Universe to bring you opportunities that will stretch you and help you to grow. As you learn to trust yourself, the Universe brings you even more opportunities. Let go of fear by shifting into excitement for what’s to come, even though you may not know what that will look like.

As a teacher, people will do what you do more than what you tell them to do. Your job is to inspire others by how you are being. Stay true to you and watch the opportunities unfold before you.

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