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3 Keys to Finding Yourself in Your Busy Life

3 Keys to Finding Yourself in Your Busy Life
The constant running between your job, family, and friends—not to mention the incessant pings and notifications from your smartphone—can leave you feeling like you’re on a hamster wheel; you’re running, but you’re not getting anywhere.

This cycle of busyness can make you feel like time is slipping away. You might speed up to try and do more, but no matter how fast you move, you’re no closer to achieving your dreams than you were a few weeks or even years ago.

Many people struggle with this. The cycle won’t stop until you start slowing down and saying yes to yourself. It’s the only path to inner peace.

Daily tasks can become overwhelming when you’re disconnected from yourself, your community, and your passions. You can lose your sense of magic, imagination, joy, and wonder. Your life might start to lack a sense of purpose when it’s only crammed with errands and responsibilities. True satisfaction and happiness comes when you start connecting with the passion and purpose that gives your life direction and meaning. Your happiness and contentment naturally expands when you live in alignment with your inner wisdom. This can give you a life filled with meaning and value.

You don’t need to give up your current life to achieve happiness. You only need to learn how to structure your life in way that allows you to be more mindful and to carve out enough time to nourish yourself. It is possible to find peaceful moments amidst the busyness.

Start with these three steps to find yourself in your busy life.


Your life is always speaking to you and guiding you toward fulfillment, but you may not always recognize a clear vision or have a complete understanding of your path. Learning to slow down and listen can help you understand that you’re where you need to be, doing what needs to be done.

Seek Inner Validation

Being an achiever might be an integral part of your identity. The expectations of others can drive and confine your decisions.

Do you long for the freedom to live your life on purpose, without worrying so much about what others think? While listening to your family and friends can be a helpful way to learn and develop, you have to remain aware that they bring preconceived notions as well.

Trust your gut, give yourself permission to grow and live your life on purpose.

Live on Purpose

Completing every task every day can cause you to turn off your mind and simply go through the motions.

Stepping back from this rush can help you choose to live a more purposeful life. When you’re living your life on purpose, you’re aligned with your passions and make choices that are right for you. This allows you to follow your true calling, and your life flows with greater ease.

Determining the purpose you’re passionate about is a process. You need to remain open to discovery and committed to creation.

The Keys to Finding Yourself

Get in touch with what truly drives you. Allow yourself to start listening within. Yoga, meditation, and coaching are a few formal places you can start to build a stronger connection with your intuition.

Consider these three questions as you try to determine your purpose:

  • What matters most to you?
  • What talents and gifts do you have?
  • What are you most enthusiastic about in life?
Take some time to sit quietly and journal about these ideas. Allow any idea to surface without trying to change or judge it. Use these insights to create a statement and vision for how you choose to live your life. Turn to this when you need a reminder of who you are and how you choose to live your life on purpose.

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