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The New Chopra App is Here

The New Chopra App is Here
Relieve stress. Restore balance. Become the best you. Meet the new Chopra app—your guide to total well-being.

For more than 25 years, Chopra has been helping millions of people balance their bodies, revive their minds, and activate their spirits. Now, we're making this knowledge available to you 24/7, in the palm of your hand.

What’s Inside

Inside, you'll find a comprehensive well-being library, including nearly 500 of our very best meditations, self-care tools, tips, and practices for total well-being based on our unique mind-body-spirit approach. With an extensive library of knowledge and new meditations posted daily, we've designed this app to help you become the best you possible.

Learn and Discover

Whether you are brand new to the practice of self-care or an advanced practitioner, our new app has something for everyone. Find immediate relief from daily stressors, discover and learn tools for your unique you—mind, body, and spirit—and go deeper on your journey to self-discovery and purpose.

Comprehensive Categories

Our self-care categories include practices for total mind, body, and spiritual well-being. Learn how to boost your self-confidence, find your purpose, and create a successful mindset. Focus on your mental and physical health, balance your weight, and improve sleep. Our app will give you tools to maintain your relationships and connections, even in a state of social distancing, and awaken your creativity and spiritual growth.

You will get access to our most popular 21-Day Meditations as well as new daily content and never-before-released series from our founder, Deepak Chopra™, MD, himself.

“Meditating daily has radically transformed my life and I am so excited to meditate with you.

Meditate Daily with Our Chief Impact Officer, Devi Brown

Our newly appointed Chief Impact Officer, Devi Brown, believes that meditation powerfully keeps you connected to the flow of your highest self. Devi masterfully guides daily meditations to help us sharpen and expand the areas of our lives where we are looking to discover and experience an elevated awareness of self-care and wellness. She will gently guide you through meditations in the areas of gratitude, compassion, mental detox, and finding your focus, among so many others. Her daily meditations will transform your life as they did hers.

Experience the Chopra Difference

We’ll guide you every step of the way with our wealth of signature wellness resources, focusing on mental, physical, and spiritual health in equal measures. Think of it as the virtual version of the Chopra Center, providing personal transformation for our collective well-being.

You’ll gain access to scientifically proven guidance from the best of the best. Our app draws from our in-house experts—some of the world's leading voices on well-being, including over 300 meditations from Deepak and over 100 meditations from our Chief Meditation Officer, Roger Gabriel, both world-renowned innovators with three decades of experience in meditation and complete well-being. You will also hear from diverse voices, including Jasmine Hemsley, Jackie Cantwell, and more.

Take Control of Your Well-Being

Ready to discover a better you? Start your journey now with the new Chopra app, available on IOS.

You are exceptional. Your approach to self-care should be too. We believe in self-care for all. We hope you'll join us on your journey to mental clarity, physical vitality, and spiritual awakening.

-The Chopra Global Team