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The Inspired Workplace

The Inspired Workplace
It is no secret that in today’s modern workplace, we are faced daily with an ever-growing number of responsibilities, challenges, and fires that must be put out with urgency. Our boundaries are constantly pushed, our limits continually defied. We face demands from our colleagues, our leaders, and ourselves. Every moment is an opportunity for greatness, for rising to the occasion—or for falling victim to our old patterns of limiting beliefs.

Fortunately, we can consciously choose to live each moment from that place of greatness by adopting a few simple practices through which we can awaken to our full potential.

Become Rooted in Self-Awareness

Awareness of self produces a realistic assessment of our current state of being, from which we can grow and expand. It starts by acknowledging all of our strengths and weakness, all of our foibles and failures, yet still believing that anything is possible.

To become self-aware, ask yourself regularly: Who am I? What do I want? and How can I serve? When we are grounded in self, we see ourselves as neither above nor beneath anyone, regardless of corporate hierarchy. We choose to lead and follow from the level of spirit, not ego. Instead of making fear-based decisions, we make conscious choices that lead to the expansion of the organization and the people around us. By becoming self-aware, we intuitively know the right path to take because we’ve moved beyond acting and reacting to a place of clearly envisioning what we are doing, why we are doing it, and what the outcome is likely to be.

Communicate Mindfully

Almost all stress we experience in life is a direct result of our needs not being met, in one capacity or another. The reason our needs are frequently unmet is quite simple—we have either not yet identified what our needs actually are or we have failed to clearly, consciously communicate those needs to others.

However, once we’ve become rooted in self-awareness and have identified our intentions and desires, we can effortlessly articulate clear observations and measurable requests that foster strong working relationships, rather than defensiveness and competition. We choose our words thoughtfully, giving ourselves the space we need to respond rather than react. Purposeful communication improves interactions with every single person we encounter by promoting understanding, mutual respect, compassion, and collaboration.

Expand Beyond Your Comfort Zone

It is said that if we are not evolving, we are decaying. In the best scenario, we become stagnant at the very least. To truly awaken to our full potential, it is imperative that we invite growth and expansion in any and all areas of our lives. We need to regularly check in with ourselves, asking when is the last time I did something new and exciting? This could take any form, such as exploring a new path during lunchtime walks, educating ourselves on a new, intellectually stimulating topic, trying a new hobby, or incorporating meditation and mindfulness into our morning routine.

We can use our intuition, our self-awareness, to easily identify the areas in which we would like to become the best version of ourselves. By inviting new energy into our everyday lives, we tap into our vitality, creativity, and unbounded potential for success.

In every moment, we can choose the opportunity for greatness. We can remember our ability to break the mold, to push the envelope, to evolve into an even more expansive self. It is empowering to know that we have a choice and that we can exercise it thoughtfully and enjoy the awakening that will surely unfold.