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Spring Renewal Ceremony for Your Home or Workspace

Spring Renewal Ceremony for Your Home or Workspace
Spring is an ideal time to try a clearing ceremony to purify and enliven the energy in your office or home. The ceremony, which is a simple process, will consecrate your space with your good intentions and help turn it into sacred space for the upcoming time ahead. This ceremony honors the five elements—earth, air, fire, water, and space—and calls forth harmony, new beginnings, and balance in your life.

Preparation for the Clearing Ceremony

To begin this process, you will need a small, round, flat tray that you can easily carry in one hand.

Face east and place the tray on a table in front of you. You will be adding items to this tray in a specific pattern that represent the five elements mentioned above.

Northeast: Water Element

In the upper left-hand side, or northeast corner, place a small bowl or cup of purified water. The water element symbolizes growth in all forms such as abundance and spiritual enlightenment.

Southeast: Fire Element

In the upper right-hand side, or southeast corner, place a small candle. You can purchase tea candles at a craft store or online. Place this candle in a small plate or container to make sure it’s stable. The fire element signifies passion and life-force energy. Fire symbolizes purification of that which is no longer needed, as well as illuminating the way as we move forward.

Southwest: Earth Element

In the lower right-hand side, add something from the earth. In this ceremony, use a small bowl of uncooked rice. The earth element represents the stability in your life and support from others.

Northwest: Air Element

In the lower left-hand side, add incense in a small incense holder. You can use stick or cone incense for this ceremony. Try using the scent of sandalwood because it uplifts the spirit, and brings contentment and peace. The air element represents forward movement, communication, and our relationships with others.

Center: Space Element

In the center of the tray, place a small bell. When rung, the sound of the bell eliminates the chatter in the mind and helps bring your awareness to the present moment. During the ceremony, you will ring the bell to enliven the energy in each room.

Next, place a small, hardy flower on the side of the tray. A daisy is a suitable choice. During the ceremony, you will dip the flower into the water and sprinkle a few drops here and there as a symbolic gesture of washing away what you no longer need.

End the ceremony by chanting a sacred sound, or mantra, as you move through your environment. Try the Om Namah Shivaya mantra. The phonetic pronunciation is Om Na-mah Shi-vai-ya.

This mantra balances the five elements within you as you chant the words.

Prepping for the Ceremony

Make sure your space is clean and that you have bathed and put on fresh clothes before doing any ceremony. This ceremony is wonderful to do either first thing on the morning of the new moon, or a morning close to when the moon reaches its fullness.

The Ceremony of Renewal

Light the candle and the incense. Take a few long, slow, deep breaths in and out through the nose to ground you, and bring you into the present moment. As you go through your home or workspace, move in a clock-wise motion, starting in the northwest. If the workspace or home has more than one room, you will move through each room in this clockwise fashion, beginning in the northwest and ending in the west.

Envision each room filled with lightness and joy. Feel you are planting the seeds of all that you desire. Holding your tray in one hand, walk into the space, and chant the mantra Om Namah Shivaya three times. Continue with the following process in each room:

  • Using your free hand, dip the flower into the water, and sprinkle water into the air. Imagine you’re watering the fertile soil of your imagination to receive your new dreams.
  • Ring the bell a few times, allowing the sound to linger and dissipate before ringing again. In this step, you’re gathering your awareness to the power of this potent moment.
  • As you begin to move through the space, allow the incense to permeate the space with its scent. This allows support to gather here from the unseen.
  • Before leaving the room, take a few grains of rice and drop them on the floor near the entrance. Imagine you are planting the seeds of your future and all that you have dreamed will come to fruition.
This ceremony can be a powerful tool to create sacred space and bless all that you long for with fullness, fulfillment, and grace.